Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Whether you're traveling for work or play, a break in your routine can make following your diet and fitness plans somewhat difficult. The trick is to plan ahead and account for your well-being as you would any other aspect of traveling.

Follow our top tips below to stay healthy during your next trip...


1. Cook on Your Own

Sometimes, eating out is the most convenient choice when you're traveling. You can keep this tendency in check, though, by cooking on your own during your trip. First, you'll need to find a hotel / hostel with a kitchen. Second, you'll need to pick up groceries. Plan a trip to a local farmers market. Shopping for fresh foods is a great way to find fresh, healthy ingredients, and you'll also get to experience some local culture and take advantage of your time in a new place.


2. Check if Local Water is Safe

Always research online or when you arrive to find out if it is safe to drink local water. In some countries, for example the UK/USA it is totally fine to drink water from the tap but others this isn't recommended. To avoid 


3. Choose Accommodation Wisely

Sometimes it is better to pay a little extra and get a better level of living standard than to risk paying less and getting ill. For example a hostel dorm room might cost $20, why not just pay $30 and get a private room?


4. Research Restaurants

Although it is important to save money when you travel it is recommended to pay a little extra for a better quality and facilities. It is now even easier than ever to check to see which restaurants and places to eat are good and bad. Use websites like Tripadvisor for past traveler feedback. Also if you arrive at a restaurant and are still unsure how clean it is don't be afraid to check the kitchen for hygiene standards. You might also want to consider booking a tour where you will get a local guide who will take you to the best places to eat in the destination.


5. Set Calorie Goals & Stick to Them

The purpose of a vacation is to unwind, but you shouldn't apply a totally carefree attitude to your diet. To stay healthy while traveling, make dietary planning a part of your trip preparation. Try the tips below to stay working toward your health goals whether you're leaving town for business, packing for a spur-of-the-moment escape, or planning a monthlong international vacation:

Set calorie goals: Budgeting is a big part of traveling — but you need to consider more than your finances. Set calorie goals for each day and make sure you're not eating more than you should be simply because you're away from home.

Account for all calories: Drinks and snacks can be a major source of calories on a trip, and you can easily forget to count them toward your calorie budget. When you're planning your meals, set aside some calories for indulging a bit. If you need help tracking calories and sticking to your goals.

Rebalance your caloriesThe key to calorie tracking is to make sure you're balancing calorie intake with energy burned. Since you'll be traveling, consider giving yourself more calories to work with but also setting aside more time for fitness or performing more intense exercise to make up the difference.


6. Try a Low Carb Diet

How to stay healthy when traveling

Although calorie counting is important, it's not the only path to a healthy diet. To stay healthy while traveling without having to worry as much about counting calories, try a low-carb plan. Low-carb and complex carbs are packed with nutrients, so you'll naturally need fewer calories to stay energized. This approach can allow you to indulge a bit without consuming an unhealthy number of calories.


7. Focus on Your Emotional & Mental Heath

Nutrition is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Travel can be incredibly stressful, even if you're on vacation. Don't neglect the effect that anxiety has on your well-being. Get enough sleep and schedule breaks from work or sightseeing so you can recover. 


Even if you have a strict diet, you can do much to enjoy your time while traveling while still working toward your health goals. Put the tips above into practice, and look forward to staying healthy no matter where you go. Also remember to always buy travel insurance just incase of any problems whilst overseas.


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