Do you need some help for important things to pack and some top recommendations? Chris Wrede, director at leading adventure travel operator Oasis Overland recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with his two sons and shares these tips...


1. Take a hot water bottle

Your waiter or cook will fill it with hot water. It's bl**dy cold at night, usually around -5 degrees when we climbed into our sleeping bags. 


2. Chat to your guides and porters

Ask them questions about themselves, their families, Tanzania, Politics, history and tell them about your lives. It made the climb even more interesting and they love to talk and have fantastic humour, 


3. Lighting

Invest in a good quality head torch. 


4. Buy rehydration tablets 

We took NUUN rehydration tablets which dissolved in our water bottles and made the water taste better and gave us essential salts and electrolyse. Keeping well hydrated as it helps you acclimatise. 


5. Take enough USD to tip your climbing team

I wished I'd been able to tip them more. Those guys were absolutely dedicated to doing their best to make sure you succeeded in summiting. I hadn’t realised what a massive expedition it would be and the organisation and equipment that was required. I could not thank them enough for all their help!


Oasis Overland offer a range of Kilimanjaro climbs for both adults and families:

  • Machame Route for Adults (8-days) 
  • Marangu Route for Adults (7-days) 
  • Marangu Route for Adults (6-days) 
  • Machame Route Family Adventure (10-days) 
  • Kilimanjaro Climb & Sarengeti for Families (13-days) 

Family climbs are also available for children between 12-16 years old.


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