Top 10 Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro

Top 10 Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro

Looking for your next adventure? Need some inspiration? Why not book a trek of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! Katy Robinson from the United Kingdom shares her top 10 reasons why you should climb Kilimanjaro which will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life...

I climbed Kilimanjaro in July 2017 as part of one of the youngest groups from the UK to have gone and climbed Kili (with a 100% success rate too!) It was a real adventure and taught me so much about myself. Reaching the summit was the proudest moment of my life, and I couldn’t recommend it enough… here are my top reasons why you should consider booking a trip to Kilimanjaro.


1. It Gives You a Sense of Achievement

Best reasons to climb Mt Kilimanjaro

There aren’t many things that give you a better sense of achievement than being able to say that you’ve climbed the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world! At a height of 5,895m, it is certainly an achievement to put on the CV.


2. Test Yourself

Climbing Kilimanjaro is very physically demanding, along with the risk of developing altitude sickness which no amount of training can prepare you for, getting to the summit is a real test of determination and physical fitness.


3. See Unique Landscapes

Why to trek Kilimanjaro

All of the routes up Kilimanjaro go through spectacular landscapes, from rainforest at the lower altitudes, through grassland and tundra, to artic landscapes on the mountain’s summit.  Kilimanjaro is home to many unique landscapes, such as the magical Senecio Forest where the trees look like giant pineapples – seriously, Google it!


4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There’s no better way to get out of your comfort zone than climbing a mountain! As you climb higher, the friendship with your guides and porters grow – it is a heart-breaking goodbye when it’s over.


5. Experience a Different Culture

Tanzania tribes

As you bond with your guides throughout the trek, you immerse yourself in their culture and learn their languages. There are over 100 languages spoken by the Tanzanian people so prepare for a crash course in a multitude of languages!


6. It’s a Brilliant Fact for any Ice Breaker

I can’t be the only one who dreads ice breakers, whether it’s in school or in the workplace, it’s bound to happen – but just remember, how many other people can say that they have climbed Africa’s highest mountain?!


7. Meet Amazing Like-minded People

It takes a special kind of person to climb Kilimanjaro – everyone you meet will have a sense of adventure the same as you!


8. It’s a Challenge Without Needing the Technical Skills

Kilimanjaro is more of a trek than a climb and you don’t even need any type of specialist equipment, you just need determination, a sense of adventure and a pair of very comfy walking boots. 


9. Climb One of the 7 Summits

Top reasons to climb Kilimanjaro

Even though Kilimanjaro is considered the easiest of the 7 summits, it is actually the 4th highest!


10. Escape from Reality

Due to the lack of mobile service and internet access, it is nearly impossible to be immersed in the world of social media. Plus you’re too buy climbing a mountain to even think about what’s happening in the rest of the world.

By Katy Robinson


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