Liam Welch was looking to volunteer abroad for the first time and he applied to join a building, construction and community based program in Nepal with the International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ).

Here he shares his experience and reasons why if you are in the process of choosing a volunteer organisation why you should apply with IVHQ.


How I Chose IVHQ

It was my first time being in another country for longer than 2 weeks and I decided to do something constructive. I was keen on the idea of living somewhere different for around 2 months and I liked the look of going to volunteer in Nepal. I underwent a lot of research to find a company to help ease the stress.

In the end, I came across IVHQ and decided to split my time on two projects they offer, Construction & Renovation and Childcare. I really loved the experience and would encourage anyone to apply with IVHQ, here is why:


1. Affordable Programs

IVHQ say they are one of the most affordable volunteer programs around and they certainly didn’t lie, after all my research and deciding to go ahead with them I quickly learnt that they are one of the more affordable companies, especially what you get for the money.


2. Choice of Destinations

IVHQ have a massive selection of potential destinations you have to choose from. You can choose from over 200 volunteer projects in 40+ destinations worldwide.


3. Ease of Application Process

As this was my first-time volunteering in a country I wanted to make it as easy as possible with regards to logistics and in country support, however having now experienced volunteering abroad I would next time volunteer by going directly to in-country organisations and organising parts of the trip yourself.

Though if like me it’s your first-time volunteering in a country like Nepal I would recommend going via IVHQ.


4. Friendly Customer Service

Right from the get go IVHQ were fantastic! Every email correspondence I sent was replied to within 48 hours, they really helped with settling my nerves and the preparation I needed before leaving my home country. 


5. Airport Pick Up & Orientation

Despite this I was a little anxious flying into Kathmandu airport as I wasn’t 100% certain there was going to be someone there to collect me but they were!

Not only was someone standing there with my name on a sign (my flight was 1 hour delayed too) they also organised accommodation, homestays, a few day’s orienteering at the start to introduce gently into the culture and lifestyle of Nepal (which included meals, drinks we had to pay for) in addition to a couple of language lessons which were brilliant. 


6. Host Family

Once all this was done it was then off to your host-family! Like I said originally, I would not have been able to do all this alone so using IVHQ really did help settle them initial nerves. 


7. Meet Likeminded People

Using IVHQ also allowed me to meet like-minded people so is a great way to meet new friends in a new country. You will get to know people from all over the world. 


8. In-country Support & Added Activities

Throughout my 2-month placement I felt I had enough support whenever I needed it in addition to any extra activities I wanted to do such as the Safari at Chitwan National Park and Paragliding. Not only do they help with this you can go on the on dates that suit you. 


Overall - Should You Volunteer With IVHQ?

IVHQ Volunteer


All in all it was a great company to volunteer through. They made it easy for me to focus on volunteering as they arranged all the logistics and provided any additional help if I needed it.

You get a quality service without the ridiculous price tag and is ideal for people starting off.

By Liam Welch


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