Cross Cultural Solutions ceased operating in 2020, but the good news is there are lots of similar companies which hire international volunteers.

Selecting an organization to entrust with your meaningful, impactful, and amazing volunteer experience is a big choice, so here are a few things which make the volunteer companies listed on our website the perfect alternative option.

Here is what made Cross Cultural Solutions special, and how international companies now offer similar experiences.


1. Community Focus Projects

Cross Cultural Solutions had an approach to international volunteering that was community-driven and community-led.

By supporting projects and goals set by the local community, they ensured that participants work was sustainable and needed, that also addressed issues that communities believeed were most important.

Similar companies offer short and long term opportunities, and also gap year volunteering programs.


2. Years of Experience

CCS had over 20 years’ experience in international volunteering with a professional and inspiring team guiding in-country journeys – all of which were local nationals.

This meant that volunteers engaged in unique experiences, had unparalleled access to community leaders, and were surrounded by the knowledge, guidance, and support of a dedicated expert team.

Cross Cultural Solutions reviews were very positive and you were almost guaranteed to make friends for life!


3. Full Support

CCS supported volunteers from day one. Program Specialists and CCS alumni were available, to help choose programs that met individual goals, and once enrolled, volunteers had the support of dedicated Program Specialists and there was also an online portal to help prepare people for the experience.

Support continued in-country and after the experience, with the guidance of an amazing in-country team of professionals and the follow-up of Alumni Engagement Specialists to continue your impact.


4. Personalized Program 

Everyone has a busy schedule, and CCS wanted to make it possible for participants to reach goals as an international volunteer.

They had start dates throughout the year with a choice of destinations and lengths of stay. Volunteer work assignment was based on the CCS Project selected, that met the immediate needs of the community. 


5. Peace of Mind

With CCS, safety came first. They spent over 20 years perfecting their model for international volunteering, with safety at the core of each decision.

24-hour in-country staff support, accommodations in a dedicated CCS Home-Base, transportation in CCS vehicles, and attention to even the smallest details is just some of what they did to make sure that volunteers could focus on impact in a caring, comfortable, and safe environment. 


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