For most people, camping is also an excellent way to be free from everything that's weighing them down—a good source of the boost to keep you going and freshen up. 

If you have some apprehension about camping, or need some inspiration to go camping on your next trip, check out our article why you will absolutely love camping.


1. So Many Destinations

Whether you plan to stay the night in your garden, at a campsite or go further to a remote area, there are campsites and locations everywhere. You can likely find camp sites close to where you live, all around Europe, or in places across the globe. Camping offers a great way to see different places you might never have thought about visiting before.


2. Choice of Accommodation

If you fancy a luxury experience you could rent or invest with an RV or caravan, this enables you to enjoy a good life still while being close to nature.

Recreational vehicles are full of all the appliances that simplify and improve your experience through propane tanks or a camping generator that provides energy sources to TVs, camping stoves, lights, and more.

Or for the more traditional route, buy or rent a tent and enjoy the great camping experience. This makes a camping trip really affordable compared to your average holidays. Or for a slightly upgraded way to stay, consider glamping.


3. Beats a Boring Hotel Room

As a camper going out in the wilderness, even if we expect less and sometimes compromises the quality of our lives, we still strive to achieve luxury and comfort by all means possible, including the campsite. On regular days, people can quickly accomplish this goal, but it's another story when camping comes into the picture. The luxury and comfort of a modern hotel or hostel style place to stay are not available, but this isn't a bad thing. Camping is different and a really unique experience.


4. Enjoy Nature

Sleeping under the stars is the icing to the real world of camping. For some, it's a dream come true. Nothing beats being out in the great outdoors listening to natural sounds of the earth and enjoying being away from television and technology. You might even get to see wildlife in their natural habitat.


5. Cooking

There is a real pleasure in cooking your own food out in the wilderness, it makes the experience more rustic, authentic and enjoyable. Believe us, food you have cooked yourself tastes so much better in the outdoors.


6. Facilities

Facilities are usually an apprehensive issue for most people who haven't been camping before but if you choose to stay at a campsite, modern facilities are usually available so don't worry about feeling dirty or not being able to shower. Check out this important camping packing list for some ideas of things you might need to take.


7. Relax

Camping offers a great chance to relax, recharge and unwind from normal everyday stresses like work.


8. Social

Camping is a great way to talk to others and really connect with friends and family.


9. Safety

With the coronavirus and issues surrounding international travel at the moment, you can go camping and be able to socially distance and keep yourself safe away from the worries of viral viruses.


10. Fun For Everyone

Camping is an enjoyable activity everyone can enjoy, adults and children alike. 


Hopefully our list of the best things about camping has inspired you to book a trip! Have you ever been to an amazing campsite or location? Let us know in the comments section below.