Millions of international tourists visit the UAE every year and there are so many exciting things to do in Dubai including travelling to explore the desert.

Here are our top reasons why you should go on a desert safari in Dubai and also what to expect.


1. Escape the Tourist Resorts

People from all over the world visit Dubai but a lot don't ever escape the main city. By booking a Dubai desert safari you will get to do more than just wander the shopping centres and main tourists areas and get away from civilisation. Morning desert safari, evening and overnight desert safaris are available to book year round. 


2. See How People Used to Live

In order to see its dunes and get a glimpse of what Bedouin life was like before Dubai became a tourism hub, you really need to see the desert. 

Desert safaris are a fantastic way to learn more about the local people and culture – as well as getting the rare opportunity to see the desert first-hand.

You will get experienced guides who will share information and let you learn more about the desert and country.


3. The Desert is Magnificent

By going to the desert you will get to see somewhere totally different and unique - unlike many other places in the world. The desert is full of wonders and the natural beauty of the sand dunes up close is such an impressive sight. The Arabian desert is really beautiful and you will soon understand why the red sand dunes are such a major attraction. 


4. Sunrise & Sunset is Spectacular 

The sunrise and the sunset look more beautiful in the desert and is something you must witness once in your life. The sky is so clear from pollution and you will love the sky at night. The views are breathtaking and the way the sky changes colour is mesmerising. You will get such amazing pictures!


5. Adventure

Adventurous activities are available in the morning and in the evening. Riding 4x4 land cruisers in the sand dunes is an exhilarating experience whilst you can also go quad biking. If you love the idea of going quad biking but have never done it before, don't worry, you will be taught how to ride these vehicles. The desert is the perfect place for quad biking. For something else fun, you could also try sand skiing. Most activities are included in the price you pay.


6. Ride a Camel

Almost all desert safari companies offer camel riding for guests. Have you ever done anything like this before? We don't think so.


7. Entertainment

The desert isn't just sand, these trips offer so much entertainment and activities. Some tour operators include tanoura shows, fire shows, Arabic costume photography, henna art, belly dancing and also Arabic music events.


8. Camp

You can also sleep in the desert and stay at a campsite. You will witness the beauty of the desert at night - this certainly beats your average hotel room! 


9. Food

The local food is really tasty with options ranging from traditional Middle Eastern barbecues to buffets. Try something different and give your palette a treat. Although sales of alcohol are struck in the UAE, most desert safari companies sell alcohol usually for an additional price.


10. Affordable Packages

Lots of tour operators offer Dubai desert safaris and prices are very good value so won't break the bank unlike some activities in Dubai. if you would like to visit Dubai on a budget there are cheap trips which can be booked all year round either online or on arrival.


Book a trip to the desert and you won’t regret it. Whether you only have a few days, or a week in Dubai, there are short and long packages which are amazing and the prices are affordable no matter which month you visit.