This glistening emirate of UAE has been wooing tourists with its eclectic offerings over the last few decades and with the endless places to see and another dozens coming up, the fun has just begun. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo traveller, travelling with partner or kids, rest assured, visiting this sensational emirate city, would keep you entertained as there is no shortage of exciting activities to enjoy! 

Check out our cool list of the best tourist attractions and things to do in Dubai that will ensure your visit is not only worthwhile, but also unforgettable!


1. Soak Your Feet in the Arabian Sea

In terms of weather, April is the best time to hit the beach.

Humidity levels are at their lowest while sunshine levels peak offering optimum daylight hours. Grab your swimwear and head to a public beach. We recommend Mamzer Beach because it’s expansive, beautiful and the water is crystal clear.

Too many Dubai beaches have been bought out by hotels and corporations, but Mamzar remains a sanctuary for the locals. It was recently awarded Blue Flag status making it one of 4,000 beaches recognised for being both sustainable and environmental in practice.

If you don’t fancy venturing in the sea you can take your pick from 2 large swimming pools and the usual buffet selection of sun loungers and umbrellas. It’s worth noting that Mondays and Wednesdays are restricted to women only.


2. Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari

Whether you book yourself a camel safari or settle in for something more adventurous like dune-bashing in a 4x4 WD… Desert safari in Dubai is a must-have experience. With the option of choosing from morning, evening or overnight safari, you may get a chance of savouring the Dubai hospitality and get an authentic feel of Middle East.


3. Dubai Miracle Garden

Flower Garden? In a desert? Absolutely.

While it seems too difficult to digest, the Dubai Miracle Garden does exist. Spread in a sprawling area of 72,000, this miracle garden, houses about 45 million flowers of every possible colour you could think of.

The Dubai Miracle Garden was appropriately launched in the month of love, i.e. February and has been luring tourists ever since.


4. Eat Like a Local

From steakhouses to sloppy pizza, you’ll find no shortage of international cuisine in Dubai. However if you’re on the hunt for a bite of real Emirati cooking then get yourself down to Lalezar in Palm Jumeirah for an authentic lamb shish.

Charcoal grilled meat is Lalezar’s speciality but plant based eaters can enjoy traditional dishes such as moussaka and falafel.

For on-the-go edibles venture to Al Dhiyafah Road where street food vendors fill the pavement with Lebanon, Iranian and Indian cuisine. Feast on fresh seafood, zesty salads and succulent lamb shish. 


5. Al Maha Desert Resort

Befittingly called the‘Oasis in theDesert’, Al Maha Desert Resort is a pristine property in the humungous desert of Dubai. A perfect getaway for a day trip from Dubai, the resort lies in between the Wildlife Park and Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and offers activities like camel trekking, 4WD safaris and horse riding among others.


6. Gold Shopping in Dubai

One might chuckle at the thought of going to a foreign countryand shop for gold, but when in Dubai, chuck that thought out your mind. One look at the Gold souks of Dubai and you will know what are we talking about?

The sheer variety of gold ornaments from jewellery to gold coins to gold bars will make your jaw drop. And, guess what if bargaining is your favourite sport, you can actually make a good use of it at the famed Dubai gold souk.


7. Go Up the Burj Khalifa

Top things to do in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, and can be seen for miles around. No trip to Dubai would be complete without going up this skycraper which has spectacular views.


8. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Tastyfood, breath-taking views of Dubai’s skyline, world- renowned DJs playing your favourite music and panoramic views of the seaensure a dining experience that is one-of-its-kind. Make sure you head to Jumeirah Beach Hotel for all of that and more.


9. One & Only Royal Mirage Spa

Relax and rejuvenate with a special session at the One & One Royal Mirage Spa in a luxurious setting.

The One & One Royal Mirage Spa has 12 individual therapy rooms with an amazing array of tailor-made treatments. It has whirlpools, massage rooms, jacuzzis and plunge showers in a classic Oriental hammam and heated tables.


10. Withdraw Gold from Dubai’s Gold ATMs

You have withdrawn plenty of cash from ATMs and in Dubai, try your hands ata unique gold dispensing ATM! Dubai’s Gold ATMs allows you to withdraw the precious shiny metal in 320 different forms from gold bar to coins to jewellery.


11. Souks

Instead of browsing vapid, air-conditioned shopping centres which you can find anywhere on the planet, head to one of Dubai’s souks.

This is perfect if you are done strolling at the glitzy malls! The brilliant aroma of spices like saffron, pepper, cloves and dry fruits would tempt any one to stuff their tourist bags with some, and you may even earn yourself a handsome discount if you buy in bulk. 

For a bit of everything we recommend Sharjah’s Central Souk. Since 1979 locals have been flocking to the Arab marketplace to nab all sorts of bargains. From rugs and collectables to oriental carpets, barter with the vendors to get the price down and never accept a first offer.   

For a truly unique experience check out the Camel Souk in Al Ain- a traditional camel auction in the desert. Sure, the idea is a little bizarre but the heated bidding makes for an unrivalled atmosphere which you won’t forget in a hurry.


12. Sky Diving at SkyDive Dubai

Experience the adrenaline rush of jumping off a plane from 4000 meters high up in the sky and feel the gravitational pull at a breakneck speed, reaching more than 200 kilometres/hour.

Sky diving over the iconic artificial Palm Jumeirah Island is a sensational experience wherein you get a bird’s eye view of the most majestic emirate of UAE. Try tandem jumping if you fear going solo, but do try sky diving in Dubai.


13. The Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is the most iconic place in the emirate, straddling several skyscrapers and so much more.

Home to the Dubai Museum as well as the several popular souks including the famed Gold Souk and the Spice Souk, the Creek is one of the top attractions to visit in Dubai.

A traditional dhow cruise is an experience every tourist to Dubai should have.  Move at a leisurely pace in the dhow and revisit the golden days of the exotic city i.e. Dubai. 


14. Aquaventure Waterpark

One of the most popular family friendly activities in Dubai is the Aquaventure Waterpark. Located inside the Atlantis The Palm, Aquaventure Waterpark has plenty of slides and rides.

The Tower of Neptune, The Tower of Poseidon and The Lost Chambers Aquarium are some of the most popular rides here. A great place for families and kids alike, the Aquaventure Waterpark ensures that everyone has a fun day out.


15. Reflets - the Classic French Restaurant

After an adventurous day in this fascinating Emirate, you might want to treat your savoury buds with some soul-satisfying French cuisine. Well, make no bones about it, and straightaway head to Reflets, a classic French restaurant adorned with classic pink hues, majestic chandeliers and Italian lighting. Delightful French cuisine straight from the line of world renowned French chef Pierre Gagnaire is what Reflets is all about.


16. Night Horse-riding in Dubai

If the heat of Dubai gets too much to bear, you also have a choice of exploring Dubai’s natural desert environment, riding a horse, in the moon light. Whether you are a beginner or the most experienced rider you can relish the freedom, the beauty and the excitement of horse riding in Dubai, moreso, on a full moon night.


17. Armani Hotel Dubai

Housed in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel is a property designed by Giorgio Armani. With 160 rooms and suites that offer extensive views of the city, this fantastic place,echoes pure style, simplicity and sophistication that defines Giorgio Armani’s signature style.


18. Tomo: Japanese Food and Panoramic Views

Tantalise your taste buds and dine at one of the top Japanese restaurants of Dubai, Tomo. Located in Raffles Dubai, this restaurant entices people not only for its delectable fares but also the panoramic views of the city from the top.


Plan a Trip to Dubai

Dubai really is an incredible destination and hopefully our list has gven you some suggestions to add to your itinerary. If you have ever been to Dubai and would like to share your experience or tips to help other travellers leave a comment below.


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