With a plethora of beaches, shopping destinations and record-breaking skyscrapers, there is a lot more to Dubai than just all that glitz and glamour.

There are so many things to do in Dubai from explore the magnificent desert, wandering through the hidden alleys of the traditional souks to experiencing the traditional Emirati culture. 

Although 5, 6 and even 7 days is not enough to enjoy everything this unique Middle Eastern destination offers, you can independently plan a well-designed action packed itinerary to include all the important attractions of Dubai.

For getting around the city you can travel on public transport using the metro. Taxi is another simple way to navigate your way around, or for something luxury consider renting a sports car in Dubai. There is also the option to book Dubai tours to enjoy the city to the fullest with a knowledable local guide.

Now if you are wondering what you can do in Dubai for 1 week (or less) here is a comprehensive itinerary:


Day 1. Discover Modern and Glamorous Dubai

Dubai Mall

Start your trip to the world famous extravagant buildings of Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. It is a must to explore these world famous attractions. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on the planet, and the Dubai Mall is the biggest in the world!

After a long day you have enjoyed and explored all, and shopped to your heart's content, it is time to enjoy some good food. Mezza House is a favorite Arab Restaurant in Dubai that is well known for its delicious Lebanese food. The best part is that it is located right next to Burj Khalifa and not expensive! For other ways to save money view our Dubai budget travel tips.

In the evening, go and enjoy the world’s largest musical fountain, Dubai Fountain.


Day 2. The Palm, Kite Beach & Jumeirah

Dubai Atlantis Palm

You can't go to Dubai and not see the famous palm-shaped island, The Palm which is linked to the Dubai mainland.

It has the world famous replica of the Atlantis Hotel right on its furthest edge. You can ride the monorail that takes you across The Palm and from high above the ground where you get a feel of the island’s spectacular shape.

Later, head for Jumeirah, which is a streets filled with luxurious villas. This is a popular destination as it is one of the few walkable parts of the city and also where a lot of luxury hotels in Dubai are located.

Kite Beach is very popular among the tourists and the expats if you are looking for a good evening spot to grab some food and relax with peaceful views.


Day 3. Visit Dubai Marina & JBR

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina & JBR is a Western expat land and a replica of Santa Monica in LA. Take a pleasant beach walk along the resort with skyscrapers and 60-floor buildings.

Enjoy a camel ride or simply hang around or relax with other tourists. You will find many youngsters here driving around in their fancy cars. You can easily spend a day relaxing here. In the evening you might want to check out one of the amazing rooftop bars in Dubai.


Day 4 – Enjoy Old Dubai

The old area of Dubai is a big favorite not just with tourists but with the locals too.

Here you can feel the real atmosphere and the soul of a Dubai from the past. The place is well connected vain several metro stations. Another interesting spot is Bastiqaya and Bur Dubai that used to be one of the major centers of the pearl trade and industry and was inhabited by Bedouins.

If you are trying to visit Dubai on the cheap in this area you will find authentic eateries and can enjoy the deeper cultural feeling. Explore the narrow alleys of Bastiqaya where you will find many restaurants serving real authentic cuisine.


Day 5. Discover the off Beaten Track

Dubai desert safari

Go far from the regular Dubai attractions and head deep in the desert sands for a safari tour or to the heart-pumping action of camel race. Watch about 60 camels rush out in every direction and run as fast as they can. The fascinating experience is contagious!

Another interesting activity is horse racing, which is the national sport in the UAE. The UAE has the most expensive horses in the world, and one can enjoy the weekly horse racing at Meydan racing stadium. Visit the Sheikh Mohammed Center for greater understanding of the Emirati culture.


Day 6. Camel Market of Al Ain

Make a day trip to Al Ain if you are getting tired of Dubai and want to get out of the city. It is time to experience some traditional culture and the Camel Market of Al Ain is highly recommended.

Enter the chaotic animal market that is bustling with camels and their owners, who are busy bargaining over the price of a camel. The actual owners of these camels are locals. Once you have seen the camel market, you can visit other historical sites of Al Ain like Jahili Fort.


Day 7. Time to Relax

Dubai nightlife budget tips

On the last day in Dubai, take things easy and relax.

Take a break and spend some time exploring local attractions like the Grand Souk Deira and Creekside Dubai. Spend some time looking at the different crafts and artifacts and shop for some souvenirs. Wafi City is another of the favorite shopping centers of Dubai that are filled with delectable cafes and high-end stores.

If you can still spare time, head for Mall of the Emirates where Ski Dubai is located. Spend the evening at Madinat Jumeirah, which is a charming Arabian complex right next to the sea.

There are also lots of amazing rooftop bars in Dubai, perfect for that perfect skyline photo.


Plan the Ultimate Week in Dubai

There! Now that you have seen the best of Dubai in just one week, it is time to pack and get ready for your flight, search accommodation, find burj khalifa tickets and enjoy this magical destination for yourself.