If you’re on the fence about buying a caravan and using it to roam around the world, it’s probably safe to assume that you have at least a little bit of interest and experience with travelling. It’s not the kind of decision that tends to pop up in people’s heads randomly, and it’s something that usually requires some adjustments to the rest of your lifestyle as well. 

Need some convincing? Let us inspire you with our list of reasons to travel by caravan.


1. Freedom to Explore

The best thing about a caravan is that it immediately drops a huge number of barriers in your travels. You can now freely explore and call it a day pretty much anywhere you feel like, barring some minor limitations. 

Need a break? Just go without the hassle of having to book flights and accommodation! Don’t like the view from your window? Just drive a bit more! And you’ll never have that uneasy feeling that you’re not resting in your own home. 

You don't even need to go overseas, you could stay in your home country and explore places you have never been before.


2. Home Comforts on the Road

A caravan is, for all intents and purposes, your home away from home, and you can customise it as much as you like to make it comfortable and relaxing for you personally.

If you’re the kind of person who can benefit from having a constant place to relax after a day of exploring a new town, and you want that place to feel at least a bit more like home than your typical standard hotel room, then this is something you should definitely consider.


3. It Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

Many people assume that owning a caravan is an expensive ordeal reserved for the rich. That’s not quite true though – far from it, in fact. Many people are able to travel around in caravans for very little money, sometimes even saving a lot compared to what they would pay for a regular trip, including accommodation and local travel expenses. Even the extra expenses aren’t that significant. 

You can buy caravans new, or for a more budget friendly option, buy a second hand one. You can also get cheap caravan insurance with a website like Quotezone where you can search and compare affordable cover. 


4. Take Friends & Family 

Why not invite friends and family to go with you? If your caravan is big enough they could stay with you, or take tents. This offers a really fun alternative holiday experience!


5. Convenient for Remote Workers

If you can work from home, or are a digital nomad you can mix working and travelling with a caravan lifestyle. Most campsites have WIFI and you can also buy internet packages when abroad so you are never off limits. If you don't have to report to a physical location, you can enjoy the freedom of picking a new location to do work each day. 


6. Meet New People

And the best part is that if you start to like it in some particular place, nothing is stopping you from settling down for a longer period. You can easily stay for a week or two, or even longer, and explore each place to its full potential. Even better, you can easily make new friendships as so many people from around the world take caravan holidays every year. 


7. Great for Children

Campsites offer such a great place to stay for families, most have fantastic facilities for children including playgrounds, entertainment and activities. Campsites are also very safe.


8. Relaxing

Campsites are usually in remote locations far away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Fresh air, nature, countryside and peace and quiet.


9. Join Communities

It’s not an exaggeration to say that owning a caravan can become a lifestyle. Some people spend a lot of their lives in one, and they’re perfectly happy with that too. And while you don’t have to go that far if you don’t want to, it’s worth keeping in mind that there is a very active global community of people who enjoy that lifestyle. 

Even if you’re a more casual caravaner, you can still benefit a lot from going on the internet to join Caravan communities and groups. This will really help you to plan trips and meet new people. You never know when you might meet some of those people on one of your adventures later on!


10. Environmentally Friendly

Travelling by caravan is a lot more friendly to the environment compared to flying.

There are lots of ways owning a caravan can be a great way to travel but if you decide that the caravan lifestyle is not for you, you can easily sell it and move on without incurring any significant losses. In the least, you’ll have gained some valuable experience and a new perspective on how some people live their lives and travel around more freely. And you never know if you might find yourself coming back one day.