Not sure where to get your certification? Are you open to the idea of going abroad to join a classroom course?

Check out some incredible suggestions for destinations which are very underrated.


1. Czech Republic

Prague skyline

You can find some of the cheapest tefl courses in the world in the Czech Republic. Throw in friendly people, tasty food, incredible sights and great value for money.

Popular places to study in the Czech Republic include the world famous city of Prague which has an array of sights and experiences available.

Search TEFL courses in Czech Republic today.


2. China

A lot of people go to teach English in China, but so little actually study for a qualification whilst there.

This is one of the best ways to get employment instead of applying from outside the country as you will make new professional contacts who usually have excellent links with schools.

You can book a TEFL course in China throughout the year and choose from lots of destinations including large cities and more rural areas. China is a fascinating country and taking a course here will be a great decision.


3. Thailand

Phi Phi

Would you like to work in Thailand? Doesn't everyone. Well why not book a TEFL certification course in Thailand and get a head start on the competition.

TEFL schools have great links with local employers and some offer work on completion of a course. Just remember not to get distracted by the culture, beaches, islands, parties...


4. France

Paris tourist Eiffel Tower

France? How does this country make our list we hear you say. Well some people don't consider France as a potential place to take a TEFL course as English is not the first language.

France really is one of the most beautiful places to get a TEFL certification in Europe and there are options throughout the year in most large cities. Search TEFL courses in France today.


5. Japan

Japan budget

Going to teach English in Japan is a lot of peoples dream idea, but a lot are put off by the language barrier when considering taking a course here. But do not fear, all TEFL courses in Japan are in English, and this is a great way into the local culture and country before embarking on a teaching career here.


6. Brazil

Praia do Pouso, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Do you dream of taking a TEFL course in South America? Looking to experience some of the best beaches in the world?

Consider taking a TEFL certification course in Brazil! Flights to Brazil from Europe and North America which can be off putting but special deals to cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo can be found if you look hard enough.

You could also combine experiences and book a Portuguese language school in Brazil which will help when interacting with locals.


7. South Africa

Camps Bay, Cape Town

You can take a TEFL course in Africa? Seriously? Yes! Our top recommendation is to book a TEFL course in South Africa where can live and study in places like Cape Town. There are so many things to do in your spare time too like going on a safari tour!


8. Mexico

Tulum beach

Mexico is often overlooked with US students who we find usually get qualified at home. But why not experience the magic of this destination for yourself and book a TEFL course in Mexico!


9. Argentina

Buenos Aires tango

Wherever you live the chances are Argentina looks a long long way away which is why a lot of potential TEFL teachers are put off. But if you are open to the long flight booking a TEFL course in Argentina will be a great decision.

There are classroom courses in places like Buenos Aires which is one of the most incredible cities to visit in the world. You might want to book a tango course, try the local food or also book a Spanish course in Argentina to immerse yourself in your new destination. 


10. Vietnam

Hoi An Canal

Vietnam is a fantastic budget destination and perfect if you would like to experience the buzz of Asia and also stay and teach afterwards. There are Vietnam TEFL courses in places like Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City both incredible cities.


Book Your TEFL Certification

Of course this is just a general list of countries which we hope has given you some food for thought but there are lots of other destinations worldwide you can go too.

Another option is taking an online TEFL course and then you can literally study from anywhere in the world.

Going to teach English abroad is a fantastic opportunity, make sure you don't miss out and book a course today.