This is one of the lesser know European festivals and also one of the most underrated. If you would be keen to experience a less tourist summer festival check out how our featured writer Zhivanka got on at the D Festival and how it exceeded all of his expectations.

Founded in 2011 and based on the unique and charming Dojran coast in Macedonia, this open air festival with every year gone by keeps proving its uniqueness and becomes a traditional summer sensation for the loyal fans and the tourists.

This year’s lineup was responsible for every tourist capacity in Dojran to be filled, with both domestic and foreign tourists from all over Europe. Loyal fans that stayed for the three day adventure also had their own camping site provided near the beautiful Dojran beach. 

With more than 8000 visitors the first night was a wonderful success where people danced on the popular songs from “Elektricni Orgazam”, a Serbian Rock band, chanted the humorous lyrics with the popular hip hop trio from Belgrade “Bad copy”, but the best was kept for last, DJ Wilkinson, a British drum and bass music producer from London. The crowd radiated with positive energy which assured the organizers that the next two days can only get better.

D festival Macedonia Manu Chao

The second night was what I want to call it a Macedonian-Ethno night, starting with the sounds of “Foolish Green”, followed by “Ljubojna Brass Fantasy” who made this night beautiful with their authentic voice and music style. “PMG Kolektiv” were next who delivered a different pop dance with their unique sound, to be then followed on the scene by the great Djaikovski feat. TK WONDER, which made the crowd lit up and dance the night away.

The perfect ending for such an amazing event was the one and only “Manu Chao La Ventura” who sang two hours for the fans at the last night of the festival. A powerful, talented and brilliant performance that cannot be forgotten and will definitely linger in the hearts of everyone who witnessed this night. 

With more than 10 000 visitors, from every corner of Macedonia and from all over Europe, and the thirty artists that were part of this big event, I can for sure say that D Festival secured itself on the festival map. 

Make a note for next year; it will be even more exciting. Dojran and D Festival will be waiting for you!

 Macedonia D Festival Djaikovski


By Zhivanka Brlamova


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