10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Macedonia

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Macedonia

Macedonia is the hidden gem in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. With its lively culture, delicious food, unique flora and fauna and the warm hospitality the people has to offer, it is a must see destination. 





1. The Capital

With the old ruins and monuments and the “Skopje 2014” project, Skopje is being transformed and it is unrecognizable. Skopje it the city where the old part and the new modern part coexist and both sides are breathtaking. 



2. Hotels

Good service, easy online and phone booking, a value for money is what Macedonian hotels have to offer. In Skopje staying in an apartment will roughly cost you 50euros per night. In Ohrid, overlooking the old part of the city, staying in apartment will cost you roughly around 150euros per week. 



3. Dining

Macedonia cuisine is very diverse. Stuffed peppers, baked beans (tavche gravche), traditional moussaka are just one of the few dishes that are heaven for the mouth. You will notice that these dishes have hints from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine and some Italian too. Because of its warm climate Macedonia has the condition to grow quite a few types of vegetables, fruits and herbs.



Macedonia - Top Reasons to Visit

4. Lakes

Three natural lakes are the most visited and the most developed areas in Macedonia: Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa and Lake Dojran. Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest and deepest European lakes and declared World Heritage by UNESCO. These tectonic lakes are filled with extinct plankton and rare fish species.



5. National Parks

Macedonia has three national parks: Mavrovo, Galichica and Pelister. A must see winter destination is the new Ski Center Kozuf.



6. Hospitality

What make Macedonia a great place to visit are the people. Their hospitality will make you feel at home and part of the community. The official language is Macedonian but everyone speaks and understands English to some level.



Macedonia Top Cities

7. Cities

As mentioned above Skopje being transformed is a must see destination. Ohrid with the beaches, the old town and the Tzar Samuil’s Fortress is the most visited city in the country. Bitola has the 18th and the 19th century colorful townhouses and the Turkish mosques, Kavadarci has the monasteries, museums and the Lake Tikvesh, are all worth seeing. If you feel like you need to go back to modern living, where there are clubs and young people having fun, Strumica is the place to go.



8. Festivals

Strumica’s carnival is a century old traditional carnival held at the end of March. Skopje Summer Festival runs from June 21st for four to five weeks presenting traditional events, folklore music, and museum openings. Also worth being part of are the Skopje Jazz Festival and the International Film Festival. A very unique, traditional event of the year is the Galichnik Summer Festival where one lucky couple wed in a very unique and traditional ceremony.



9. Outdoor Activities

Macedonia offers cycling, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking, caving, paragliding, skiing, all depending on the season and the weather.



Macedonia Winery

10. Wineries

Since Roman times wine in Macedonia is playing a big role. Macedonia produces red and white varieties of high quality wines. A must see vineyards and to try out their wines are: Winery ‘Elenov’, Winery ‘Popova Kula’, Winery ‘Grkov’, Winery ‘Tikvesh’ and Winery ‘Bovin’.


By Zhivanka Brlamova



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