Similar to what has happened in Great Britain and the US, the beer marketplace has changed quite a bit, as the cost of production has dropped. Additionally, consumers are looking for more unique, higher quality brews.

Are you looking to explore some of Australia’s best beers?  Here is a microbrewery tour of Australia.


1. Subs in Sydney

Being the country’s largest city, microbreweries aren’t hard to find – many are available in your local grocery.  But how about visiting a microbrewing facility; even better, how about a tipple after the tour, and maybe sit down for a nice pub meal? 

Sydney has some great choices: perhaps one of the best is taking the ferry over to Manly for a round at the 4 Pines Brewing Company, where in addition to the cold brews you’ll also likely find good grub and live music.

After enjoying the Sydney Harbour Bridge, head for the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel at Miller Point, one of the city’s oldest pubs, full of history and fantastic beers.  Two other brew spots in the CBD are the Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe and the King Street Brewhouse.


2. West Coast Watering Holes

Sydney doesn’t have a hold on the market for good beer; you’ll find plenty of it on the west coast as well.  Some say craft brewing was born in here, and it’s still celebrated with the annual Western Australia Beer Week.

The Last Drop Brewery, Sail and Anchor, and Little Creatures Brewery are a few of the more popular spots for beer lovers; there’s also a U Brew It in Joondalup if you’re interested in trying out your own skills.


3. Victorian and Handcrafted

Victoria is also home to a variety of handcrafted beers well worth searching for.

Outside of Melbourne, in Bright, there is the Bright Brewery, known for their pale ale and pioneering brewing techniques.  There’s also the Holgate Brewery in Woodend, which has excellent food and quite a robust wine list, if you happen to be road-tripping with a wine lover.

One favourite brewery in Melbourne itself is the Red Hill Brewery, in Shoreham, which pours a lovely scotch ale – and you can even take a peek at the hop gardens, which are on site.

In central Melbourne,  there’s the Mountain Goat Beer on North Street, which tempts travellers with an interesting brewery tour that feels quite extraordinary in this industrial district; the tour is followed up by cold pours of IPAs and other ales, guaranteed to refresh your palate.


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