5 Underrated Places to Eat & Drink in Cork, Ireland

5 Underrated Places to Eat & Drink in Cork, Ireland

Cork is often overlooked by the bigger cities of Dublin or Belfast and the all-famous Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, but it is a true shame to miss the charming and slower pace of Cork City on a tour of Ireland.  Cork is the food capitol of Ireland so foodies and gluttons alike will find joy in discovering the lesser known food and drink joints in Cork.  


1. The Fransiscan Well

This place brews its own ales and serves steamy and crispy wood fire pizzas.  Its one of the coziest for meeting with locals, listening to live music and enjoying a pint or two of their famous Rebel Red.  After the third pint you won’t want to leave, either because you’re having so much fun or because you’re as fuzzy as a peach.


Half Door Cafe Cork

2. The Half Door Café

Fresh scones and homemade sandwiches combined with the charm of the owners makes this little place one of the best for a lunch stop or afternoon break.  It can be a little hard to find, but not to worry they advertise their 2 euro take-away drinks just down the street from the Tesco grocery store in town.  The daily specials vary from soups and sandwiches to tea and scones, but you can’t go wrong as they are all made with fresh ingredients and love. 


English market Cork

3. The English Market

An indoor market with just about anything you could ask for is of course one of the best places for either a take-away sausage sandwich or 50 euro cent scone.  The Farmgate Café is located inside the market and offers a fun birds eye view of some of the meat and produce booths.  The café serves traditional Irish dishes such as lamb stew as well as cutting edge recipes all made with ingredients sold inside the market.  


O’Conaill’s Chocolate, Cork

4. O’Conaill’s Chocolate

Death by chocolate? O’Conaill’s Chocolate can deliver the best hot chocolate you will ever taste.  Their handmade chocolate is melted on the spot to form the perfect cup of liquid gold with the option to add unique flavors such as praline, white chocolate or orange oil.  Located on French Church Street, the cafe is perfect for an afternoon chocolate with a fresh baked chocolate cake or brownie. 


An Spailpín Fánac

5. An Spailpín Fánac

Despite the fact that you probably can’t pronounce the name of this pub, the local vibe and awesome beer make up for it.  If you are looking for an authentic Irish pub experience, this is it.  Just a few minutes walk from Oliver Plunkett Street you’ll have the time of your life listening to the live music, drinking locally brewed ales and hanging out at this quirky joint.  After a few pints you’ll find yourself jamming right alongside the band to songs you don’t even know.  It’s always a grand time at An Spailpín Fánac.


By Stephanie Mork


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