Unfortunately, while the news will mention these areas and briefly discuss the figures behind these atrocities, these areas often slip out of the main news, even when the problems continue to rage within and quickly slip from viewer’s minds as other local or national news takes priority. 

Below are 10 Islamic countries that are in desperate need of assistance and ways you can help through donating or volunteering.


1. Gaza

The people of Gaza find themselves living in increasingly worse conditions, as the population continues to grow, and Israel restrict the import/export of necessary life-support supplies and prevent the movement of people in or out of Gaza.

It is anticipated that the Gaza strip will be uninhabitable in terms of supporting life soon and no one knows what will happen to the 1.9 million population when the area reaches this point. 

Several local charities offer opportunities for foreignes to help local people, find volunteer opportunities in Palestine if this destination appeals to you.


2. Yemen

The crisis in Yemen is considered one of the worst man-made humanitarian crises of all time and since March 2015, some international groups estimate as many as 60,000 civilians and combatants have lost their lives to the fighting.

Today, over 20 million Yemenis are still suffering through lack of food and water, known as being “food insecure” and ten million of those are extremely food insecure, meaning they are at dangerous levels of famine. Volunteering in Yemen is en eye opening and life changing experience.

Children are sadly affected the hardest and more children are dying due to the conditions and lack of resources than the conflict itself. It is too dangerous for general members of the public to help here, although large international aid organisations are working on the group volunteering to help refugees.


3. Syria

Although Syria was once all over the airwaves, the attention soon dropped off even though the violence escalated, and the country descended into an all-out civil war.

In December 2018, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had documented an astounding 367,965 confirmed deaths and a further 192,035 were said to be missing and presumed dead.

This is a huge loss of life and sadly, the war is backed by a number of superpowers, either in the West or by stronger neighbouring countries which has dragged the fighting out longer. 


4. Myanmar

It is not the country of Myanmar itself that needs assistance but instead the Rohingya refugees that have been denied recognition as a minority group and have had to flee their homes from persecution and potential genocide.

The Rohingya people have been called the most persecuted people on earth and have tried to settle in Bangladesh as refugees however some have tried to travel to other countries and been lost or abandoned at sea.

The Rohingya refugees need the attention placed on them and assistance to ensure they can remain safely away from the government and groups that wish to do them harm. 

If you would like to help search volunteer programs in Myanmar.


5. Turkey

Turkey hosts more refugee population than any other country in the world, with Syrian refugees reaching 3 million in number.

Currently, the government is trying to support the refugees that have fled to the country, however, this is putting untold stress on governmental resources and local services, which has created unrest and resentment from the native Turkish population against the refugees.

Apply to volunteer in Turkey today.


6. Kashmir

A territory dispute between Pakistan and India, sees Kashmir and its innocent civilians caught in between a battle that has been fought for over 70 years. While tensions have run over for many years, it has recently spurred a fresh wave of violence since the death of Burhan Wani, a 22-year-old militant leader, in July of 2016.

The tension and violence unfortunately is continuing to grow and mediation is needed for both sides. International volunteers are still helping on the ground in Kashmir, many people teach here or join humanitarian relief. 


7. Indonesia

When a huge tsunami struck Indonesia in late 2018, the news was everywhere, and many countries banded together to provide initial support.

Now down the line and while many people will no longer hear about the tsunami and its effects, the devastation caused is certainly still seen and felt by Indonesians.

Communities  are still attempting to rebuild homes and lives and are astoundingly grateful for any received support. Check latest Indonesia volunteering projects for options. 


8. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is considered one of the poorest countries in the world torn apart by war and fighting with thousands of civilians losing their lives to conflicts over the decades.

Short respites are few and far between and the US withdrawing their troops that have previously been providing support to war-ravaged areas has creates more problems with the return of the Taliban.

This is one of the most challenging countries in the world but there is a lot of positive work being done to improve life for local people in the future. If you are open to the idea of working in this destination, view volunteer work in Afghanistan today.


9. Iraq

While the war may be over, the civilians left behind in the devasted regions of Iraq are still in desperate need of support.

Most importantly, the children who have lost everything, including their families and homes. Many children are still not receiving trauma counselling and are living in terrible poverty, praying every minute they are awake the war doesn’t break out again.

Several organisations offer volunteer opportunities in the Middle East and Iraq if you would like to learn how to make a difference.


10. Somalia

The people of Somalia live in awful famine due to prolonged drought and the violence that has ravaged certain areas. Water is a scarce resource and over 250,000 have died due to starvation and lack of water since 2012.

Aid is required to build water treatment plants and encourage better hygiene through the country, preventing the spread of diseases. Apply to volunteer in Somalia today.


How You Can Help

There are ways we can help these war-torn countries provide for the citizens through fundraising and donations and improve the lives of families who simply want to raise their children in peace and safety.

While there are many Islamic based charities available and we advise you to do the research to find the one that aligns with your values the most.

UKIM are a UK-based charity that uses donations and zakat payments to provide water pumps, healthcare, winter supplies and orphan support to Islamic countries in need. Their teams on the ground provide necessary support to displaced families who have had to flee their homes and towns for fear of getting caught up in the conflict and supply the resources they need to feed and care for themselves and their children.  

When you go to your bed tonight without fear and with a full belly, spare a thought for the less fortunate who aren’t provided such security and consider what you can do to help, whether through giving or volunteering.