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  • Capital: Freetown
  • Currency: Leone (SLL)
  • Country Size: 71,740 km2
  • Population: 4,976,000 (estimate)
  • Language: English (official) + local languages; Krio, Lingua Franca, Mende  & Temne
  • Country Code: +232


Travel to Sierra Leone

This country led a quiet existence for approximately five hundred years. In 1560 it became a major port in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Over the next two hundred years Portuguese and British slave-trading settlements were set up along the coast. Britain claimed to abolish slavery in 1821, and freed slaves returned from the United States. While such slaves were from throughout West Africa and beyond, they settled in Freetown. With repatriation there became a new inequality; ex-slaves became the oppressors of the native people.

There has been a long lasting disparity between Freetown and the rural areas. Sierra Leone gained independence from Britain in 1961. Though Sierra Leone attempted to assert itself independently, the people suffered as they had no real livelihood. Civil war broke out in 1992. After ten years of suffering, the war finally ended in 2002 and the country has been on the mend ever since and is embracing a more positive and peaceful future. Now this country is become an up and coming travel destination with thousands of people now visiting every year.


Best Places to Visit in Sierra Leone

  • Banana Islands (Diving and Snorkelling) 
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Reserve
  • Bunce Island (former slave-trading fort)
  • The Cotton Tree (a five hundred year old tree of historical importance, under which slaves were bought and sold) 
  • Lumley Beach / Sussex Beach 
  • Outawa Kilimi National Park 
  • Mount Bintumani 
  • Big Market (as the name suggests, this is Freetown's largest market) 
  • Tiwai Island Wildflife Sanctuary




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