Here is a list of things to help you on your trip from my own experience of travelling to 9 cities in one month.


1. Interrail Pass and Passport

It might be obvious but you can't really cross country boarders without these two. Keep them with you at all times as your trip could be cut very short if you lose them.


2. Seat Reservations

Interrail Packing Checklist

Most international trains require seat reservations, you can imagine multiple hour long journeys stood up wouldn't be too much fun. Try and get window seats so you can see where you are passing and going.


3. Europe City Guide

They might be old fashioned but guides are really handy so you can read up on the places you are going to and look at the top attractions, places to go and places to avoid. You could buy or download guide books, or print out essential tips. 


4. Blow Up Pillow

Long and over night train journeys are so much better when you are comfortable.


5. Different Currencies

Not all countries in Europe use the Euro so make sure you have the correct currencies for the places you visit or it could prove expensive due to exchange rates.


6. Offline City Maps

For when you are lost or aren't in a wifi zone and need to find your way, offline maps are really helpful. There are also lots of Europe tours available to book in most countries. 


7. Offline Interrail Train Time App

Live times and locations of most European trains can be checked on this app. It also gives hint’s and tips for countries and some basic information.


8. Shoulder/bum Bag

To keep all important items when you are out and about visiting the sights.


9. Padlock

You need a padlock to lock away your backpack in your hostel rooms as you will probably be staying with strangers. Days touring cities can often be long so locking away belongings is the best thing to do.


10. Phone

Interrail Packing List

There is so much to see and do in Europe and many memories to be captured. 


11. Adapter

You will need an adapter to charge and use your electronics.


12. Device with WiFi 

For your last minute searching, bookings and posting.


13. Diary or Journal

A journal will help you remember what you have done and where you have been otherwise you will forget after you have visited a few different cities.


14. The Right Clothes

Sometimes even in summer the weather can vary, other times it can be quite the opposite. Pack clothes for rain or shine or even snow depending on where you are going.


15. Comfy Trainers

For those days where you wander until you are lost, or the days when you hike up to view points, or just to avoid getting blisters when walking around for long periods of time.


15. A Plan

Interrail What to Pack

Some people need one, some people don't. Travelling can work both ways and depends on what type of person you are and what you want to do. But a list of places to visit when Interrailing with options and possible routes wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Plan Your Interrail Adventure

Whether you fancy going backpacking/taking a gap year in Europe, interrailing really is one of the top ways to discover the highights of the country. Hopefully my packing list has given you some ideas for things to take. Now go explore the continent for yoursef.

By Nicole Shonick