For example, the average American couple spends just shy of $4,000 to honeymoon, per the results of wedding planning site WeddingWire’s most recent Newlywed Survey. Depending on where you go, that could buy you weeks of thrilling travel adventures, or a day of luxury.

If you would like to celebrate your nuptials with a remarkable vacation, but who don’t want to go into debt doing so, here are a few of the best budget-friendly and affordable honeymoon destinations around the world to consider.


Southeast Asia

Phi Phi

At a luxury resorts in the Maldives or Bora Bora, $4,000 won’t get you very far. Specifically, even if you book about a year in advance, you can expect to spend more than half of that budget on a single night in a one-bedroom overwater bungalow with a plunge pool and lagoon views. And that figure doesn’t factor in dining or activities, let alone airfare. 

On the other hand, if you’re willing to trade in the white sandy beaches of Bora Bora for those of Southeast Asia, $4,000 could buy you weeks of unforgettable adventures and seaside relaxation, and that includes incredible food and airfare. 

You can find dozens of beach bungalows in Thailand and Vietnam, many for well under $50 a night. Malaysia offers a plethora of oversea bungalows, which – while more than $50 a night – are a fraction of the cost of their Bora Bora counterparts. 

There are also so many attractions to see in Southeast Asia, from beaches, islands, temples and exotic animals. If you are looking for a unique experience you could volunteer in Thailand or there are lots of elephant sanctuaries which you can visit.


Costa Rica

La Catarata de la Fortuna waterfall

Costa Rica boasts stunning beaches and natural scenery – not to mention prices low enough to let you truly enjoy your honeymoon

Central America is another region that’s rich with budget-friendly beachside accommodations. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico have countless options that will let you create the honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of without breaking the bank. 

For those who are new to these regions or would like help planning their itineraries, high-end travel planning services can provide a wealth of free information. If you Google “honeymoon itinerary Southeast Asia” or the same for Central America, you’ll find numerous travel sites looking to sell you expensive trips with incredible itineraries especially in the popular Caribbean desrtinations in the region.

But rather than paying thousands to have someone else plan your trip for you, you can simply take their suggested itineraries, and then find your own budget accommodations in each location. For example, you could plan a budget wedding in Costa Rica and enjoy a honeymoon after for the fraction of the price of somewhere like Barbados.

One top tip is to organise everything independently, you could contact accommodation in each location and ask them for guidance booking activities or local dining experiences on the cheap. This will save you tons compared to your average travel package.




Greece is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe and for good reason. Think spectacular islands like Santorini and Mykonos, ancient cities, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

But Greece is also very expensive, and during summer especially so overcrowded with tourists that you can barely walk.

So for somewhere similar but different, choose Croatia.

For couples who are determined to pack in as much beach time as possible during their honeymoons, the Adriatic coastline is brimming with excellent options. The beaches of Croatia are known the world over for their beauty and you can also see some of the most spectacular islands in Europe here.



Ksamil Islands, Albania

If you are looking to visit somewhere still off the tourist radar but for the fraction of the price of other popular European countries you really need to consider Albania.

Albania offer unrivaled beauty, and due to the fact that southern Albania especially is still off the beaten tourist path, savvy travelers can find incredibly budget-friendly accommodations and dining options there. 

The beaches of Albania feature white sands, turquoise waters and amazing scenery.

For day trips or to see more of the region, you can book trips to check out Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid, where sparkling turquoise waters lap against shores festooned with medieval architecture. Then head over to nearby Montenegro, where you can hike, kayak, raft and then lounge on a picturesque beach, all in the course of a day. 

Eastern Europe is brimming with gems to be discovered, and prices throughout ensure that honeymooners will get infinitely more bang for their buck than they would in much of Western Europe. 



Danube Delta Romania

Are you looking for an alternative trip to the traditional beach break? Romania offers both vibrant cities and incredible natural scenery, and really is a unique and off the beaten track potential honeymoon destination.

Traditional European honeymoon hotspots like Paris and Barcelona are beautiful, but can be incredibly costly. Those who long for the historic architecture, thriving cultural scenes, and delicious dining options these European metropolises are known for at a fraction of the cost could do no better than to consider the Balkans. 

There are so many places to see in Romania from vibrant cities and incredible natural scenery. The Transylvanian city of Brasov boasts all the best the country has to offer – from fine dining and a lively nightlife to awe inspiring landscapes and easy access to top-notch ski resorts. Romania’s Black Sea coast likewise offers a wealth of budget friendly hotel and dining options. 


Budget Honeymoon Cruises

Cruise ship

Surprisingly, cruising internationally can be cheaper than flying internationally. Many budget travelers are quick to write off cruises, either as a luxury they can’t afford or as a lazy and stifling travel experience. 

What these detractors probably don’t know is that cruises are often available at deep discounts, and if you play your cards right, you can secure a spot on an international cruise for less than it would cost you to fly the same route. Many major cruise lines opt to relocate their ships throughout the year in order to protect them from inclement weather.

Cruise companies sell deeply discounted tickets for these so called repositioning cruises. And despite the discounts, they feature all of the activities as well as the dining and entertainment options that you would expect from a typical cruise. Repositioning cruises most commonly occur in April-May and in October-November. 

Furthermore, cruises can provide travelers with the opportunity to explore numerous countries within the span of just a few days. For example, major cruise lines offer repositioning cruises that traverse both the Atlantic (e.g. Miami, Florida to Europe) and the Pacific (e.g. Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, Canada), as well as the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.

Though repositioning cruises tend to feature more days at sea and fewer port stops than typical cruises, travelers can choose their cruises based on the port stops that appeal most to them. 

The best way to find out about specific routes and prices is by calling cruise companies and travel agents, or browsing websites that specialize in repositioning cruises.