Whether it be alone, with friends or with family, for professional or personal reasons, it has also never been easier to settle abroad.

There are though lots of things to consider and get prepared before departing. Check out of list of essential things to think about below.


1. Where to Go

There are so many places you can work abroad - literally options all around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, Caribbean and South America. You will need to see what countries, companies and positions appeal to you. We recommend ingread reviews, viewing guides and speaking to people who have been to the destination you are interested in.


2. Find the Right Position

If you are keen to work abroad it is important to find a suitable job. There are so many different opportunities available including temporary positons, working holiday visa jobs, going to teach abroad, summer jobs, au pair work, agriculture and farm jobs, professional placements and more. If you are lacking experience you could consider internships or volunteer work abroad as a good way to build skills. 


3. Make Your CV Stand Out

As with any job you will need to prepre an application and you will usually be required to submit a CV and cover letter either before departing or on arrival in your destination.

This especially applies to professional jobs like business, finance and legal and you will need to make your application stand out to stand the best chance of getting hired.

If you are stuggling with your application for a professional job you could look for a legal resume writing service and get an experienced writer to help. Also if you are going to be working in a none English speaking country you should also contact translators.


4. Check Visas and Permits

To live or work abroad legally, in most countries around the world you will need a valid visa and/or work permit. Some countries have restrictions and it might not be possible but there will still be lots of options depending on your nationality.

If you are from an EU country, then you can move and work in another EU country fairly easily but for other destinations this can be more tough. For example if you are interested in working in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and other popular destinations requires a formal working holiday application. This might require you to fill out an online application months prior to departure and then waiting to see if the application has been accepted.

Another route to follow is to get hired and then get the company to sponsor your visa.


5. Save Money

Even if you have a paying job offer you will usually still need money for transport, accommodation and socialising and sightseeing. Some companies, especially if you are looking to teach abroad jobs for example will pay for flights and provide an allowance. Start saving as soon as possible.


6. Research Taxes and Pensions

Taxes and pensions? Is that really essential? Well it is good to be prepared and check to see how much tax you will be paying and check to see if your company has a pension option. You will be able to work out how much money you can save a month and see if there are any added benefits for working in the destination.


7. Accommodation

If you don't have a job with housing lined up you will need to get this arranged asap. You could book a hotel or hostel for the days when you arrive then seek our some more fixed term accommodation when you arrive. Researching costs, areas and types of places will really save you time.

If you plan to do a summer job or internship in a country like the USA, which is one of the best countries for travelling and studying abroad, you must book your accommodation in advance to avoid hustling at the eleventh hour! But searching for a perfect place to stay can be both daunting and tedious. Don’t worry! You can rely on amber to find the perfect home at your preferred location!


8. Get Everything at Home Prepared

Contact your bank to tell them you are going abroad to make sure your cards work, cancel bills/memberships and re-direct mail.


8. Research Your Destination

It's always good to know what to expect, from the people, language, culture and places. You should prepare for culture shock if you are going to live in a different country and also type to learn a new language if different to your own. You should also go with realistic expectations - the place you go to is likely to be different to where you live and the country will have its own traditions, culture and way of doing things.


9. Pack

Get all your belongings brought, packed and sorted will in advance to save stress nearer the time. Remember to take adapters and pack clothing according to the time of year you are arriving.


10. See Places to Travel 

Travelling and seeing new places is one of the main benefits of working abroad. You’ll get to see new destinations, meet new people and see amazing things. Be sure to draw up a shor list of places you want to go and activities so you are never bored.  


11. Get Ready for the Experience of a Lifetime

Hopefully our list of suggestions has help to give to prepare if you are thinking about going to live or work abroad. The whole experience of living and working abroad can really change your perspective and life. So what are you waiting for, start searching opportunities on our website today.