The trick, according to the long-established founder of the Summer Camp USA and Work America programmes, is to bag a Stateside summer job and earn as you go. Information and interview sessions, currently taking place across the UK and Ireland, offer a chance to meet the BUNAC team and gain invaluable real-life insights. 

Plus, American Camp Directors will be crossing the Pond for a series of major Summer Camp Hiring Fairs in January: an ideal opportunity for candidates to meet them face-to-face, find out what individual camps have to offer and secure a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist position that fits with their skills and interests.

Says BUNAC’s Marketing Manager, Emma Beynon: 

“Students who start planning summer now will put themselves in a strong position to snap up a job, which will not only be fun, it will make their CV stand out from their peers’ and open up a whole new world of friendships and travel opportunities. Plus, it’s great to have something to look forward to amid the mountain of studying and it’s the perfect way to banish any winter blues!

 “Working as a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist is a really cost-effective way to experience a slice of American life and save up some dollars to go travelling afterwards. Each year, there are literally hundreds of thousands of summer camp vacancies waiting to be filled by international staff. Interview sessions for Summer Camp USA are currently taking place across the UK, and Camp Directors will be coming over specially for our Summer Camp Fairs in January, so they can meet applicants in person and hire on the spot.

 “The USA also offers a huge variety of seasonal work opportunities in hospitality and retail, many of which come with subsidised accommodation and meals. Students on our Work America programme are employed in a whole range of settings, from beachside holiday resorts to country clubs and theme parks."

If you are looking for summer seasonal-jobs-working-holidays in the USA then summer camp USA is looking for enthusiastic candidates with leadership qualities and boundless energy, as well as those who have experience in teaching an activity, to spend up to 10 weeks living and working with children on camp.

Registration is split in to three bite-sized payments, beginning with a deposit of just £39.  Then there’s the option of choosing a package with or without flights - costing £499 or £269 – both of which include BUNAC’s support and guidance, together with placement, food and accommodation on camp, assistance in securing a J-1 visa, medical insurance and pocket money of up to $1,600 depending on age and experience.

BUNAC Summer Camp Fairs will be taking place on Friday 19th, Sunday 21st and Tuesday 23rd January in Edinburgh, London and Dublin respectively. Candidates should register as soon as possible to secure a place. In previous years, over 80% of attendees got hired on the spot. 

Work America is ideal for full-time UK uni students who would prefer an alternative to working with children, and offers the opportunity to find a seasonal job for up to four months in beautiful holiday destinations across New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maine or California.

Jobs abroad are mainly in the hospitality and retail sectors and include cashiers and ride operators at amusement parks, waiting and bar staff at country clubs and beachside restaurants, and kitchen helpers in National Parks. Wages range from around $7 to $10 per hour and candidates have the added benefit of being able to travel around the US for up to 30 days at the end of their stay.

The standard Work America programme (£620) ensures that candidates are given guidance throughout the entire experience, help to secure their dream summer job and assistance with the visa application, while the Ultimate package (£1395) also includes flights and accommodation.

For further information about working and travelling in the USA, contact us today.


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