Be Organised

Make sure you have a planner for when classes are, coursework is due and what dates exams are. Being organised and knowing what is coming up will make it easier to get on top of the workload and give you a better chance of success.

We recommend:

  • Using a planner or calendar
  • Create a designated workspace
  • Buy a comfortable chair and desk
  • Invest in a top laptop
  • Backup all files online


Attend Classes

All students skip some classes right? Well, try to attend all classes, or as many as you can. Also be active in class, take notes, be social and make friends with other students, ask questions and interact during lessons. Also go to classes prepared, make sure you know what will be happening and do any previously requested reading to make sure you are ready and know what's going on.


Study Every Week

Being a student is fun and you are likely to have a very active social life, but try to set certain time per week to studying. Even if it is just a short period of time, it will really help improve your knowledge and get you better prepared to pass your course.


Use the Library

Look into recommended reading and course material and get all the essential books you need from the library. You can also order books online using websites like Amazon.


Utilise the Internet

There are so many amazing websites and forums online which can help you to get top grades. If you are struggling for ideas and inspiration you might want to check out top essay writing services where you can see sample work. Some recommended websites like EduBirdie, an essay writing platform. If you are wondering "Is EduBirdie legit?"- yes, lots of students use these types of websites every year question, do not hesitate to check users' reviews too. 


Always Seek Help

If you are struggling to understand something ask your professor for help. It's best to ask rather than afterwards not understand and make mistakes. There's nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it and it also does no harm to be very friendly to teachers.


Request Model Papers and Tests

You can request to see previous years sample papers, tests and coursework. This can give you a big advantage in being ready for what types of coursework and exam questions you might be given.


Be Social and Look After Your Health

Studying can be stressful and exhausting, be sure to look after your mental and physical health. Do exercise, be social, chat with others and always let friend and family know how you are doing. A healthy body and mind will also translate into your university work. 


These simple tips should really help you to achieve top grades. Do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments section below.