6 Places You Must Visit On a Gap Year in Italy

6 Places You Must Visit On a Gap Year in Italy

Italy is an incredible destination with cities, islands, beautiful nature, beaches and also palm trees. Most international tourists visit Italy during spring and summer due to the warm weather but there is lots to do and places to see all year round.

If you are interested in travelling or spending your gap year in Italy, these are 6 places you should add to your itinerary.


1. Rome

Looking to discover ancient history? Head to Rome. This is one of the best cities to visit in the world and there are lots of ways to get around, you can walk, go by sightseeing bus or travel on the underground. Rome city centre isn't too big and from the main Termini station you can walk to see the local sights like the Colosseum.

Rome is quite diverse in terms of sightseeing, you might like to visit one of the many green parks such as Villa Borghese. There are also lots of good restaurants with prices for all budgets. If you plan to stay a little longer in Rome you might like to go by train to visit the coast and beaches which are located around 30-60 minutes by bus far from Rome centre. Popular places to consider include Formia, Civitavecchia and Nettuno.


2. Venice


Venice is a famous, popular and magical city surrounded by water. If you love sea views, boats and would like to see someone unique Venice is must visit destination. During peak summer time it is recommend you book accommodation well in advance but you can also reserve somewhere to stay near the main station. Don't worry about Venice not having any roads, you can get around by the vaporetto water bus which connects most of the city and allows you to take luggage and hand bags onboard. 

From the train station you might like to walk to the popular Cannaregio zone, Venice has many high bridges with stairs so take good shoes. The city is especially magical in the evening where you can wander around and see canals lit up light blue. Venice is a unique location and you will struggle to find any cities similar. Prices vary around the city for sightseeing, food, drinks and entertainment but whatever your budget, Venice is a must.


3. Sicily


Sicily is a special and unique destination in Europe. Sicily has active volcano Etna, lush green scenery and also scenic beaches. The atmosphere in Sicily is different than other places in Italy, for example when you wander around the scenic remote villages and you are likely to see lots of stray cats running around which is quite bizarre.


4. Sardinia


Sardinia has Emerald coast and spectacular beaches. You can enjoy local villages, peaceful surroundings, fresh air and lots of nature.


5. Naples

If you go to south of Italy you should really try to visit Naples, Amalfi, Stromboli and Ischia island. You can visit Stromboli from Naples harbour, this is a small island containing an active volcano. Despite the volcane, Italian people still live here and this is a facsinating place for tourists to visit. Also located near Naples, Ischia island, is also a highly recommend place to visit. For something a little different you can also join a sailing and dolphin conservation volunteer project in Ischia.


6. Capri


Capri is one of the most romantic and famous places to see in the whole of Italy. Capri is a small island but a very interesting place to explore.

By Susanna Lappalainen


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