Before considering what to take, you will need to work out where you are going, how long you will be away for and what type of experience you will be doing. For example, taking a gap year in Australia will require completely different things to volunteering in Africa.

There are though some things you will need to matter what type of trip you are taking. Check out our list of essential things to pack for your gap year below:


1. Sensible Clothing

Our best travel packing advice is to not take too many things, remember you can always buy new items and clothes in your destination so don't over pack. Try to check the weather in the destination you are travelling to for what climate of clothing to take. You can also order new clothes online which is a great way to help you travel lighter.


2. Travel Towel

Take a travel towel, this is small, light and drys quickly when travelling. Sometimes it can end up smelling like a wet dog so be sure to wash it regularly.


3. Backpack or Suitcase

Decide if you want to take a backpack or a suitcase, depend on what you are going to be doing one might be better suited than the other. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking overland off the beaten track then a backpack is probably your best bet. 


4. Bag Cover

We recommend buying a cover which goes around your bag / suitcase and you will be able to tell if anyone has tampered with your stuff or put something unwnated in your belongings. This will make it really difficult for people to steal things from your bag without you noticing, also if people can't see anything of interest to steal they might be put off trying. 


5. Washing Bag

A bag to put dirty clothes in, when travelling you do not want to get clean clothes mixed up with dirty ones. This will also help keep your bag or suitcase smelly fresh.


6. Vacuum Bag

A vacuum bag to put all your clothes in can be handy, you will be able to put your clothes in then suck the air out and see all the new space you have in your bag or suitcase. This is a cheap thing to do as the bags are very cheap to buy and come in a range of sizes, this might also help you take more clothes or fit more things in.


7. Case for Gadgets

Buy a sleeve or case for your computer or tablet, its very easy when on the move or flying for things to get broken very easily. The last thing you want is to arrive at the start of a trip and find your computer broken.


8. Phone / Camera

Whether it be a phone or a proper camera, this will help document your trip.


9. First Aid Kit

Pack a first aid kit with anti-spetic wipes, you never know when they will come in useful.


10. Money

Take travellers cheques, US dollars (accepted is a lot of countries) and a bank card.


11. Guidebook / Online Guide

Buy a guidebook or view websites for top country / activity advice, don't leave it till you arrive as you might miss out on some places to see and things to do. Or if you have a Kindle or tablet download a guide or advice which might come in handy when you arrive at a destination, this will really increase your knowledge.


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