If you are planning on travelling in Europe and would like to do a trip on a budget and save money there are lots of cheap cities you can visit. 

Here is our list of places you can visit and get better value for money than other making savings on accommodation, food, sightseeing and activities.

We have also put links to activities in these destinations if our list has inspired you to want to visit.


1. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul skyline

Istanbul is one of the best places to see in Turkey, an ancient city full of history and culture.

Istanbul is a mix of east and west, and somewhere you should visit if you get the chance. This city is very cheap compared to others in Europe especially when it comes to booking hotels.

We highly recommend you visit local markets, eat off the main tourist streets and you will be able get food and goods at a really low price. You can usually get special deals on flights throughout the year too.


2. Zagreb, Croatia


Croatia is one of the most up and coming destinations in the world, and also a fraction of the cost of visiting similar Greece.

Most tourists head to Dubrovnik during summer for sailing trips but you might not know you will get much better value for money heading to Zagreb.

This is a fascinating city with a lively atmosphere and lots of things to do, our top choice is to join a walking excursion or watch a live football game.

You might want to learn some Croatian travel phrases before arriving to impress the friendly local people.


3. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo cable car

Sarajevo? Is this even safe? Yes!!

Sarajevo is gaining in popularity and the city might surprise you, this is one of the hidden gems to explore in Europe.

There are lots of attractions and you'll get some of the best value for money on the continent.

With some of the cheapest accommodation and eats in Europe you will be able to do and see a lot for a low price. Highlights include riding the cable car for amazing skyline photos.


4. Lisbon, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is a popular city break destination, with a great climate, lots of things to keep you busy, tasty local cuisine, friendly locals and of course sun.

Although prices have gone up in recent years, Lisbon and Portugal in general still offers fantastic value for money especially when comparing prices with Spain. There are cheap deals to be found on sightseeing and entertainment with lots of places offering free entry to tourists.

Lisbon is also one of the prettiest places to see in the continent, there are Instagram photo opportunities around every corner.


5. Belgrade, Serbia


Serbia might not strike you as a country to visit but Belgrade is a great city for a weekend break.

This is an off the beaten track destination and the largest city in Serbia, you will find hotels/hostel rooms some of the cheapest on the continent.

Be sure to try one of the local bakeries dotted around the city which offer cheap snacks.


Start Planning a Cheap Trip to Europe

There are so many cities you could visit and everyone will have different opinions when it comes to favourites.

Comparing value for money you really can't go wrong with the places featured on our list, you will pay a fraction of the price for flights, accommodation and sightseeing compared to a lot of other cities in the continent.

If you would like to see as many places as possibly you might want to check out Europe tours - there are so many different trips and itineraries available to book all year round.