This year Verity Wootton decided to visit for herself to find out why Croatia is becoming more and more popular and is this hype really justified?


1. Inexpensive Flights

Croatia is very easy to get to and there are cheap daily flights with budget airlines into cities such as Dubrovnik and Split. Use Skyscanner to search and compare the best flight deals. You can also cross via road, boat or rail.


2. Value for Money

Croatia is very cheap compared to other destinations in Europe, as it does not currently use the Euro, meaning you get great value for money on accommodation, eating out and sightseeing.

If you want to visit the best places in the country then Croatia tours might be for you, they are very cheap compared to similar countries like Greece and you will get an experienced guide, travel in a group and see amazing places.


3. People 

The people in Croatia are lovely. You feel very welcome in their country, we had no uneasy feelings whilst walking around Split during the day or the night.

Each person we dealt with was extremely accommodating and friendly – whether that was our Air BnB host, a local bus driver or a shop keeper. People are a huge influence as to whether you feel comfortable in a country and we certainly did here. 


4. Not Overloaded with Tourists

Croatia Island Hopping

As an up and coming tourist destination, Croatia was busy but not manic. This meant that we could really enjoy the experiences that we had without excess queuing or feeling uneased by crowds. 


5. Spectacular Sights

Croatia Beach

Croatia might look small on a map but there are so many different places you can visit.

Top destinations include Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes, Istria, Split, Zagreb and Hvar Town just to name a few all of which can be visited on a Croatia tour.

Whilst staying in Split we visited the following places which I highly recommend checking out: 

  • The island of Brac – An easy ferry journey across from the mainland of Split. This picturesque island is a haven from the busier streets of Split. Scattered with beautiful beaches, quirky old towns and plenty of friendly locals. 
  • Krka National Park – Croatia boasts 8 national parks, the largest being Plitvice Lakes, but we were recommended Krka for its proximity to Split and being quieter than Plitvice. This is an experience not to be missed when visiting Croatia. The national park and waterfalls are astoundingly beautiful and really demonstrate the diversity that Croatia has to offer. 
  • Trogir – Trogir is an easy local bus ride from Split. This quaint walled city gives you a taste of old Croatia. With the cathedral in the centre acting as a perfect vantage point you can see across this medieval city and out to the harbour dotted with yachts. 
  • Split – My favourite areas of Split were the hidden streets of the old town around Diocletian's Palace and the enormous Park Marjan. Both needed a good day to really explore and enjoy. My only warning with Park Marjan is be prepared, we were not. The park is extensive and is based to the far west of the city so getting to and from the park after walking around can be tricky especially in heat – transportation from the park back into the city centre was unreliable and we ended up having to use an overpriced taxi. 


6. Food 

Croatia Food

Experiencing the food that different countries offer is certainly a passion of ours. Croatia did not disappoint. 

Food was inexpensive, delicious and varied. From Croatian traditional cuisine, to European flavours of Italian. Split boasts some well recommended restaurants which combine fantastic customer experience, beautiful surroundings and delicious food. It is well worth asking for local recommendations. 

The amount of street side bakeries was also a highlight for us! 


So overall – yes I can completely understand why Croatia is becoming a popular tourist destination. With more available direct inexpensive flights, the draw of being out of the euro meaning more travel money for your sterling and incredible experiences to be had – I would go back again for further exploring.

By Verity Wootton


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