Many of us now head to warmer horizons like Cuba, Mexico or... Hawaii!

If you are wondering if winter a good time to go to Hawaii and need some motivation to book a vacation here instead of the Caribbean for example, check out our top reasons why should you choose to spend a winter vacation in Hawai’i over other destinations.


1. It's the youngest island

Hawaii, the archipelago, but also Hawai’i, the island, also known as Big Island. The decision is often difficult to make when the time comes to choose one or many islands when we visit Hawaii. After all, all of them are worth it! 

Hawai'i is the youngest and southernmost of the islands in the archipelago. So this is where you will see endless lava fields and smoking volcanoes, or sunsets over a sea of ​​volcanoes and deep valleys. 


2. For the multitude of climates

Hawaii Fisherman

Hawai'i has a dozen different climates (from tropical to polar, through desert and temperate), all gathered in an area of ​​10 432 km2, which is somewhat an easy distance to drive!

Because as nature transforms itself in front of you, from mile to mile, it's like being in Iceland, Scotland, Quebec and Costa Rica in the same day.

But as time is somewhat elastic in Hawaii and because you'll want to stop everywhere to take photos, the tour may take a few days!


3. For the INCREDIBLE nature

Hawaii Nature

Hawai'i has an incredible plant and animal biodiversity, especially when it comes to be overwhelmed by the beauty of Waipio and Pololu Valleys or the lush of Waimea and Hawi. And because this biodiversity allows us to try many kinds of bananas, papayas and coffee products on the same island!


4. For those colors

Hawaii Ocean Wave

Because the colors of the sky, sea, earth and vegetation form an unforgettable picture.


5. Warmth of the people

Because people have such an amazing kindness and an unfailing good sens of humor.


6. Finally

And because ... it's Hawai'i.


By Mathilde Crépin-Bournival


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