Should we even associate Sweden with ... cold? Of course not!

With a really nice climate (Seriously. Compared to many places like northern Canada, that’s really nice!

Perhaps with an exception for the winter in Lapland...) and the warm people, the beautiful Sweden has it all, both for the cold lovers … and the warmth ones!

Here are some Swedish characteristics that will make you fall in love with the country (even if you come from a warmer country!).


1. The people: Swedes are beautiful!

One can always fall in love with a place thanks a lot to its people. Charming, caregivers, friendly and...beautiful!

Swedes have it all! Both women and men, both in shops and cafes, as much as during their jogging, running with their stroller … what a style! And even friendlier.

Want to meet a Swedish? Stop for a few minutes on the street, open a city map and act like you’re looking for your way. Friends? You want some, you get some!


2. A quite impressive nature

Lake in Sweden

From the impressive, pristine landscapes of Lapland to the sunny shores of the south.

For the beautiful national parks, focusing both on culture and nature, and for the large spaces that are sprinkled over the country. And for those beautiful surprises and moments of calm in a city, provided by places like that zoo, completely open and free, in the middle of Gothenburg!


3. Stockholm. Stock-holm


You will love visiting Stockholm, no words can describe how beautiful this city is.

I definitely put this city in my « top 3 of the most beautiful cities ever visited » (with Marrakech and Edinburgh, if I had to choose now!).

For its history, for the beauty of the architecture and the old town, for the fun of walking along the canals and relaxing in the sun on the edge of the water, for the magnificent sunsets, the beauty of the city at night, illuminated by a thousand kinds of bulbs, for the charm of its inhabitants, for the warmth and pleasure to attend the many small and comforting cafes…

Do I need to keep going?


4. The archipelago of Gothenburg. Or the place to be in summer!

Goteborg Archipelago

For the beautiful and quiet tram route between the city and the islands, and the even more beautiful boat route between the islands!

The calm of the less touristy spring days (because summer, archipelago, sun, hum, hum!), and the beautiful promenade, hair in the wind, resulting from it!

For the pizzeria, only service open in this infinite landscape, serving coffee or a comforting beer in the evening, with a very interesting jasette with seasoned sailors!


5. A bit like home


And finally, because Sweden looks a lot like home, no matter where you come from, but with a different charm and a definitely…exotic language! If you're seeking for a home far away from home, this is the place to be!


By Mathilde Crépin-Bournival


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