While there are many fascinations that attract people to Oslo, there are some people who forget that the wonderful city of Bergen exists on the western coast of the country.

Bergen is one of the most cultural and historical cities in Norway. For both tourists and locals, the mountainous city offers many activities and attractions.

Since Bergen gives countless opportunities, below is a list created for first time visitors and the top five things that must be experienced. 


1. Fløibanen

Fløibanen, Bergen, Norway

Fløibanen is a wonderful activity for first time visitors to Bergen and for returning tourists.

Taking a trip with Fløibanen allows visitors to take a railway transportation system to the top of one of Bergen’s most famous mountains: Mount Fløyen. This mountaintop has a spectacular view of the entire city.

From this elevation, it is possible to see the harbor, roadways, and fish market of Bergen. Not only is it possible for Bergen’s guests to view the city, there is also a gift shop at the top of Fløyen, as well as an intriguing statue of a troll to pose for pictures with.

The city’s name comes from a German word meaning “mountain”. From the origin of the city’s name to the atmosphere Bergen creates: Fløibanen defines itself as one of the most popular places to visit in Norway. 


2. Fjord Cruise with the White Lady

White Lady Fjord Cruise Bergen Norway

One of the great things about Bergen is its endless amount of coastlines and fjords. In the city centre of Bergen, there is a tourist information building that offers many different fjord cruises as well as other activities.

Although there is many to choose from, one of the most rewarding is the Fjord Cruise with the White Lady. This four-hour long cruise takes visitors on a remarkable journey through Bergen’s beautiful landscape all while learning interesting facts about the city and its history.

This cruise will take you by the city centre, small towns outside of the city, and to the narrowest point between two fjords in the Bergen area. The best time to take this fjord adventure is in the summer.

Most fjord cruises run during that time, but there are other activities the tourist building can offer during other seasons. 


3. Bergen Storsenter

One of Bergen’s largest shopping centers in directly in the heart of the city. Bergen Storsenter has many stores to offer to their natives and visitors.

Not only are there a plethora of stores to shop from, there are also plenty of places to have beverages and warm food. This shopping center is perfect for the kind of tourist who wants to find memorable keepsakes from their trip to Bergen. 


4. Bergenfest

The city of Bergen is well known for its musical influence in all of Norway. Bergenfest is a musical festival that takes place outdoors in the city centre of Bergen.

This music festival usually occurs during the month of June every summer. Artists from all over the world, including Norway, perform at this gathering. Previous artists have included Lana Del Rey, ZZ Top, John Mayer, and other musical guests.

This festival is a great way for locals and foreigners to meet and interact with others and to learn more about the musical interests of the Norwegian people. 


5. Walking in Bergen’s City Centre 

Bergen City Centre, Norway

It does not matter what time of year tourists take a stroll in the city centre of Bergen, it will always be filled with many spectacular adventures and plenty of opportunities for memorable pictures.

A major attraction in the city centre is the boat harbor, which is conveniently in close proximity to the tourist information center. Along the boat harbor, there is a boardwalk filled with stores and restaurants that are frequently visited.

During the summer season, a popular fish market is set up where visitors can buy and eat seafood that is offered, along with fresh fruits, and other food stands.

In other parts of Bergen’s city centre, there are many stores, restaurants with a variety of cuisines, and places for shopping and entertainment. In the centre of Norway’s second largest city, many people will hold their own musical performances; which can be solo or in ensemble.

Another great thing about walking through the city centre, is all of the free things that are given out; such as cookies, cough drops, and other small food samples. 


Plan a City Break to Bergen

Bergen is a wonderful city to visit and explore in the beautiful country of Norway.

The coastline of Bergen gives its guests gorgeous scenery, boat rides, and deliciously fresh seafood. The centre of the city provides an exquisite insight to the culture of the Norwegian population. The mountains deliver a unique view of the entire city that tourists cannot easily forget.

Although these are some of the most important activities to take advantage of, Bergen has much more for people to find, discover, and learn. Bergen lives up to everything that it is meant to be: a place where its native people and visitors can come together and enjoy what the city has to contribute to the world. 


By Allison Hill


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