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View our meaningful and unique holidays in Norway which will take you off the beaten track and visit spectacular places. On our website you can find adventure tours, volunteer programs, seasonal jobs, winter ski holidays, Northern Lights holidays and unqiue experiences. When traveling in Norway you need to experience the beautiful Northern Lights which is one of the most spectacular things to see in the world, there are also cruise holidays to see the Fjords. View our holidays and travel opportunities in Norway today.


Norway Travel Guide

Norway Travel Guide

  • Capital: Oslo
  • Currency: Kroner (NOK)
  • Country Size: 323,802 km2
  • Population: 5,063,000 (approx)


Map of Norway



Tours in Norway

Norway is celebrated for having one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and the popularity of this destination continues to increase each year. People are drawn to Norway's scenery, long fjords and magnificent midnight sun. Search our adventure tours, Northern Lights tours and Fjord cruises today and get ready for the experience of a lifetime. You can even join marine expeditions here which visit the Arctic!



Volunteer in Norway

Volunteer in Norway

When thinking about going to volunteer in Europe, not many think of Norway, well at least at first. There are less projects located here than in other countries but if you are looking to be more than just a tourist then search our featured organisations today. Some international agencies and charities offer structured placements where you can live and help for a short or long term period usually working with people or the environment. Participants on these types of voluntary work programs are given room and board, and at times pocket money to cover basic expenses for trips, souvenirs, and personal equipment. 


Why Volunteer in Norway

  • Friendly locals
  • Stunning scenery
  • Pleasant cities
  • You might get to see the Northern Lights
  • Meet likeminded friendly people from all over the world
  • Make a difference and experience a unique country with a peaceful way of life



Working Holidays in Norway

There are various paid and voluntary jobs in farming and agriculture in Norway. Tasks of a working guest can include: regular farm work, painting, fencing, assisting with repairs, cleaning, cooking and serving guests. Previous Experience: Practical experience is desired but not mandatory. Help the family milk the cows, clean the cow stable, feed the animals, painting, cutting grass, etc. No previous experience required but candidates must be physically strong. 



Usually a room in a home stay with private bathroom and internet.



What to Do in Your Spare Time

Visiting National Parks, go fishing, sailing, travelling, music, reading, biking, snow scooter or sightseeing. Please note the cost of living can be high compared to other destinations.


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