They will help you get in better connection with local people, and the phrases will serve as a starting point to acquire the language much easier.

Here is our list of the 15 most common phrases everyone should know when traveling abroad which can be translated into any language...


1. Do you speak English?

2. Hello/ Good Morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening/ Welcome

3. Goodbye

4. Please

5. Thank you

6. I’m sorry / Please excuse me

7. Do you know how to get to / Can you show me how to get to... [address]

8. Please write that down for me

9. I am allergic to […] / I need a doctor

10. I am an …. Citizen/ I am looking for the …. Embassy. 

11. I have blood type …

12. I need help

13. I’m lost

14. Please call the police

15. I need a doctor



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