Useful Turkish Phrases for Travelling in Turkey

Useful Turkish Phrases for Travelling in Turkey

If you are planning a break to Turkey, whether on a city break, holiday or are going to live and work in the country it is important and also respectful to learn some of the local language. Try picking up the basics of the Turkish language before departing with out essential words and phrases for travellers. 

Not everyone speaks English in Turkey and knowing even some simple words will make your experience more enjoyable and fun. Whether you are planning on joining a Turkey tour or are keen to apply to work in Turkey, our phrases will help. They will also be appreciated by local people who will smile and be very happy you are conversing in their language.



  • Hello - Merhaba!
  • Good evening - İyi akşamlar
  • Good-bye - Hoşçakal!
  • Pleased to meet you - Tanıştığımıza sevindim
  • Thank you - Teşekkür ederim
  • You’re welcome - Birşey değil
  • Good-bye - Güle güle
  • Have a nice day İyi günler!



  • Please - Lütfen
  • Yes - Evet
  • No - Hayır



  • How are you? - Nasılsın?
  • I am fine, and you? - İyiyim, sen nasılsın?
  • What's your name? - İsminiz nedir? 
  • My name is ...(John) - İsmim ... (John)
  • Do you speak English? - İngilizce konuşur musunuz? 
  • I don’t speak Turkish - Türkçe bilmiyorum!
  • I don’t understand - Sizi anlamıyorum
  • Could you repeat please - Şunu tekrar edebilir misiniz?
  • I don’t know - Bilmiyorum
  • I'm sorry - Özür dilerim
  • Excuse me - Afedersiniz
  • Please speak more slowly - Lütfen daha yavaş konuşun
  • Please say that again - Bir daha söyler misiniz?
  • Please write it down - Lütfen yazınız
  • Do you speak English? - İngilizce biliyor musun? 


Shopping & Eating Out

  • How much does it cost? - Ne kadar?
  • Where is the washroom? - Afedersiniz, tuvalet nerede?
  • Can you help me? - Yardım edebilir misiniz?
  • Enjoy your meal - Afiyet olsun!



  • 1 - bir
  • 2 - iki 
  • 3 - üç   
  • 4 - dört
  • 5 - beş
  • 6 - altı 
  • 7 - yedi 
  • 8 - sekiz
  • 9 - dokuz
  • 10 - on 
  • 20 - yirmi 
  • 30 - otuz
  • 40 - kırk
  • 50 - elli
  • 60 - atmış
  • 70 - yetmiş
  • 80 - seksen
  • 90 - doksan
  • 100 - yüz


Days of the Week & Times

  • Monday - Pazartesi
  • Tuesday - Salı
  • Wednesday - Çarşamba
  • Thursday - Perşembe
  • Friday - Cuma
  • Saturday - Cumartesi 
  • Sunday - Pazar
  • Tomorrow - Yarın
  • Today - Bugün
  • Day - Gün
  • Week - Hafta
  • Morning - Sabah
  • Evening - Akşam



  • Help! - İmdat!
  • Stop! - Dur!
  • Police - Polis
  • Call the police - Polis çağırın


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