Learn Afrikaans

Learn Afrikaans

Interested in learning Afrikaans? View our guide which include information, advice and essental phrases. We have also put together some useful words and phrases which will be helpful if you are looking to go travelling in South Africa.




How Many People Speak Afrikaans?

It is estimated around sixteen to severnteen million people speak Afrikaans.



Where is Afrikaans Spoken?

Mainly South Africa but also nearby countries like Namibia due to emigration. 



Top Reasons to Learn Afrikaans

Possibly you are thinking about travelling to South Africa or Namibia, or you have an interest in the culture and language. There are so many reasons why you should study.



Best Places to Learn Afrikaans

  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Online



Useful Words & Phrases for Travelling in South Africa


Basics & Greetings

  • Hello - Hallo
  • Goodbye - Totsiens
  • Good morning - Goeie môre
  • Good afternoon - Goeie middag
  • Good evening - Goeie naand
  • Yes - Ja
  • No - Nee
  • Please - Asseblief
  • Thanks - Dankie
  • Sorry - Jammer
  • Excuse me - Verskoon my



  • My name is... (Emily) - My naam is... (Emily)
  • What is your name? - Wat is jou naam?
  • How are you? - Hoe gaan dit?
  • Fine, and you? - Goed, en met jou?
  • Pleased to meet you - Aangename kennis


Shopping, Buying Things, Sightseeing & Tourism

  • Can you help please? - Kan jy my help asseblief?
  • How much does this cost? - Hoeveel kos dit?
  • I am lost - Ek het verdwaal
  • Passport - Paspoort



  • Help - Help
  • I need help - Ek het hulp nodig
  • Toilet - Toilet 
  • Police Station - Polisiestasie?
  • I need a Doctor - Ek soek 'n dokter
  • Call the police - Bel die polisie!
  • Call an ambulance - Bel die ambulans!



  • One - Een
  • Two - Twee
  • Three - Drie
  • Four - Vier
  • Five - Vyf
  • Six - Ses
  • Seven - Sewe
  • Eight - Agt
  • Nine - Nege
  • Ten - Tien
  • Twenty - Twintig
  • Thirty - Dertig
  • Forty - Veertig
  • Fifty - Vyftig
  • Sixty - Sestig
  • Seventy - Sewentig
  • Eighty - Tagtig
  • Ninety - Negentig
  • One hundred - Een honderd
  • One thousand - Een duisend



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