Palestine is one of the most historic destinations in the world with incredible locations and sights. Despite what you might think, this region is safer to visit than you might think and thousands of international tourists visit every year. There are world famous religious sights available to visit all year round. We have a selection of travel packages where you can do more than just sightseeing. 


Things to Do & Travel Packages in Palestine

Find activities, experiences, travel & backpacking ideas in Palestine.

Volunteer in Palestine

Top Reasons to Travel to Palestine

  • History with world famous tourist and biblical sights
  • Culture
  • Safer than you think on an organised experience
  • Tasty local cuisine



Top 10 Places to Visit in Palestine

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Bethlehem
  3. Ramallah
  4. Jericho
  5. Nablus
  6. Hebron
  7. Tulkarem
  8. Jenin
  9. Gaza 
  10. Qumran



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