Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Around 30% of the population of Argentina live in Buenos Aires (around 3 million people), this is also one of the most popular cities in the world to visit and you can do more by working here as a volunteer. By applying you will get to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere and European feel to the city.


Volunteer Programs in Buenos Aires

Volunteer in Buenos Aires

How to Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a popular city destination and just the name brings up up lots of image of tango, colour and entertainment. Argentina as a country has gone through some difficult times in recent years with economic and social problems and Buenos Aires has suffered from a lack of investment and crime issues. But this city is still a great place to visit and you will not be disappointed if you stick to the tourist route and check out some of the city highlights of which there are a lot. The new Pope of the Catholic Church was also born in Buenos Aires so what more of a reason could you need to check out this city for yourself. 


Types of Opportunities

Available projects include teaching, medical/healthcare and community initiatives. There is the need for improving infrastructure and creating better living spaces throughout the city, you can join group programs working outdoors in parks and community centres. Local children get to learn English as schools and this is where you can help, native English speakers are required all year round where you can help youngsters learn or help coach sports. This will be a lot of fun!

You could also work in clinics helping vulnerable and poor members of society which require special attention. These placements are a great way to gain medical work experience, or if you already work in this profession a chance to give back. Most placements in Buenos Aires are flexible so you will get lots of free time to taste the local food, go sightseeing and see famous attractions.


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You will get to discover this city fascinating with new friends made from the project you are participating on and also the local staff might be able to show you around the city. Buenos Aires is a safe city to live in and crime against tourists here is very rare but usual safety precautions should be taken seriously especially at night. View all of our volunteering programs in Argentina for more options in this country.