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  • Capital:  Lobamba & Mbabane
  • Currency: Swazi lilangeni
  • Population: 1,200,000m (approx)
  • Local languages: Swati Language, English Language


Weather & Best Time to Visit Swaziland

There is no best time to visit Swaziland as there is a warm climate and temperature all year round. 


Travelling in Swaziland

Ask most people and they probably couldn't locate Swaziland on a map - this country is not the first name on most peoples lips but we recommend you think twice. Although Swaziland is the second smallest country on the continent but there is still a lot to see and do here like visiting the spectacular Ezulwini Valley where wildlife roam free. You will find a country with a lot to see and do including seeing some of the best wildlife reserves on the continent. This country is famous for its traditional tribes but there is far more than just this where you can mix a holiday or vacation with culture and sightseeing. 


Gap Year in Swaziland


Taking a gap year in Swaziland is a fantastic chance to meet new people, learn about the local culture and history, interact with friendly local people, pick up skills and add experience to your resume / CV. Most programs are open to students, graduates and people seeking a fresh challenge, if you need any advice or information contact us. When planning gap years in Africa, many people overlook this country in favour of taking a gap year in South Africa but we highly recommend visiting. 


Visa, Health & Safety

No visa is needed to apply, you can enter and stay for up to 30 days or choose to extend this once in country. Swaziland is a safe destination for outsiders but there are high levels of poverty and crime can be an issue in some areas. You will need to take care of your belongings and be street smart especially at night. If you are worried about applying solo or daunted by this destination we recommend applying with one of the international travel operators we have listed, there offer group placements and arrange everything which can make the process easier and safer.


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