Work in Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular destination for seasonal work especially for people seeking flexible summer jobs and if this is your first time doing something like this we have put together a guide to the best companies and places to work.

Due to the amount of tourists who visit Tenerife every summer there are lots of vacancies for people seeking working holidays here. Places like Playa de las Americas is a hive of activity with cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs operating throughout June to October. Tenerife enjoys a warm climite all year round and because of this you can arrive or find jobs all year round. 

Mainly Brits apply but there is a good international mix of people. Be prepared to have enough money to support yourself in case you don't find work straight away e.g. enough to cover food and board, you don't want to end up sleeping on the beach. Some of the larger bars/clubs and employers are Veronica's, Starco's, Yates, Linekers, Tramps and Rags but there are so many other opportunities here too.


Popular Places to Find Employment

  • Playa de las Americas
  • Los Cristianos
  • Puerto de la Cruz

Other places which are a little quiter you might want to consider include:

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Amarilla Golf
  • El Medano
  • Garachico
  • Guia De Isora
  • Los Gigantes
  • Playa De La Arena
  • Playa Paraiso
  • Puerto De Santiago
  • San Miguel De Abona

Types of Jobs Available

  • Working in a bar, cafe or restaurant e.g. waiting on tables, collecting glasses, cooking, serving drinks etc
  • PR work
  • Selling shots or laughing gas
  • Selling tickets and activities
  • Holiday rep welcoming tourists and making sure they enjoy a good experience


Jobs in Playa de Las Americas

Summer Jobs in Tenerife

Out top recommended destination for temporary jobs in Tenerife is to apply for jobs in Playa de Las Americas which is located close to Los Christianos on the South-West Coast of the island.

This is one of the most popular areas on the island in terms of visitor numbers, there are beaches, resorts, bars, clubs, restaurants and lots of entertainment on offer.  Temporary workers flock to Las Americas in their thrones during summer, some people come for a few weeks whilst others stay months to work in some of the local establishments.

Many seasonal workers return to Playa de Las Americas, some people have been working here for years due to the weather, beach and nightlife.

There is something for everyone in Las Americas, from drunken karaoke, dancing all night or just hitting the beach. The best thing about being based here is the relaxing surroundings and the beaches, you will get lots of time to relax, sunbathe, go sightseeing or you could also catch the free bus to visit Siam Park water park which is amazing!

Beaches you might want to visit include the nearby Fanabe beach or for somewhere a little further out visit Las Teresitas - this is really amazing. 


Bar Jobs in Playa de las Americans

Below is a list of bars in Playa de las Americas which you might want to apply for jobs with:

  • American Dream bar
  • Anthony’s Bar
  • Bell Bar
  • Blaydon Races Bar
  • Brannigans bar
  • Bonkers Bar
  • China’s White Bar
  • Down Under bar
  • Drunk N Duck Bar
  • Dubliner Bar
  • Fitzpatricks Irish Bar
  • Full Monty Bar
  • Gangsters Bar
  • Judge Jules Bar
  • Leonardo’s bar
  • Lineker’s bar
  • Mett bar
  • Murphy’s Irish Bar
  • O’Neill’s Bar
  • Oasis Bar
  • Open air Bar
  • PI’S bar
  • Pleasure Island Bar
  • Railway Tavern
  • Rooftops Bar
  • Sax Bar
  • Shenanigans Bar
  • Soul Cafe Bar
  • Travellers Rest
  • Yates Bar
  • Yordy’s Bar
  • Wakikis Beach Bar
  • Weatherspoons
  • Wigan Pier Pub
  • Yates Bar


Club Jobs in Playa de las Americans

Below you will find a list of popular nightclubs in Playa de las Americas which offer jobs:

  • Babewatch Lap Dancing Club
  • Bobby’s Club
  • Busby’s Club
  • Crows Nest Club
  • Jumpin Jacks Club
  • Rags Club
  • Sound of Cream Club
  • Tramps Club


Working in Tenerife FAQ

Accommodation & Where to Stay

Accommodation is provided if you apply with an agency but if you are looking to going solo or with friends applying independently then you might want to stay in the centre of town in places like Altamar, Playazul or San Raf.

If you are on a budget and looking to save money we recommend staying in Eldorado, Las Vinas or Playahonda which are a bit further out but still close.

Tenerife offers great value compared to other European seasonal work destinations and you shouldn't end up paying more than 80 euros per week for a decent place.


Working Hours

Most jobs are night, bars general open at 8pm but you might need to arrive earlier to help set everything up. Some bars and clubs stay open till about 2, 4 or even 6am - so don't expect much sleep.

The benefit is you will get to spend the next day sleeping or relaxing on the beach until you start again. If you work in a cafe/restaurant then shifts can vary. As a holiday rep you might work all day and have to be on call in case of any emergencies.

With all these jobs you will usually have 1 day off per week. All these jobs can be tiring so you will need to take it easy and get lots of rest and relaxation.


Best Time to Apply

Although you can arrive anytime throughout the year you might want to go during May - August, this is the most busy period but also when the most atmosphere and activity happens. This is peak season and also when most of the big name DJs play.

Christmas and New Year are also popular times of year due to the weather. You might want to avoid October, November, February and March - these months tend to be the most quiet.



How much you get paid really depends on what job you do, where you work and also the time of year you are planning to be there. A lot of jobs you will come across are based on commission so you could end up earning a lot, or very little depending on how good you are.

Summer is the best time to make the most money for commission based jobs as you will have a bigger audience to sell to. If you are selling drinks or shots you could earn anywhere from 50c to 2 euros per drink you sell or in a bar or as a PR we think you will be able to earn anywhere from 25-75 euros per day in summer.

Also remember some jobs might pay low but some include free food, drinks and events. You will find most jobs pay you in cash either daily or weekly and always agree a wage before hand and if you start hearing excuses like we will pay you monthly beware, some employers are know not to be trustworthy. You can usually find the good ones or bad ones just by asking around.



If you come from an EU country you can arrive and seek employment anytime. If you live outside of Europe you might want to check your eligibility. Some employers might ask if you have a Spanish NI number but don't worry this is very easy to obtain once in the country, it costs just 10 euros and allows you to work for up to 3 months.


How to Apply & Top Tips for Getting Employment

Some companies offer season work packages which can include group flights, accommodation, and also help and support in country to secure work.

They provide assistance (not a guarantee of employment) with reps based in Tenerife who will be able to give you advice and recommendations for working the summer season. You will be charged a joining fee but we really recommend going this route as you will also have the benefit of meeting new people straight away and not have the hassle of having to find a place to stay etc. 

This is perfect if you are looking to go solo and you are worried about meeting new people or need help in getting your bearings for the first time, there are usually lots of excursions, group activities, bar crawls and social events.

You can browse our featured companies above or you could also apply independently e.g. book your own flights, accommodation and seek out employment locally. This will require you to be friendly and approach the right people e.g. bar managers. First impressions are everything so you will need to make a good impression.


What Past Workers Say

"I went on holiday to Tenerife when I was younger and always wanted to go back, last summer was special and I'm going to re-apply next year."

"I worked in a bar on the main trip in Tenerife and summer was chaos, if you want lots of sleep or a relaxing break don't apply But if you want a crazy summer then do!"

"I had previous been to work in Greece but wanted to try somewhere new so me and a friendly chose Tenerife without actually visiting before. A lot of friends had recommended this island and we are glad we did, we both worked as PRs which was hard work but good fun and we managed to save money as accommodation was cheap."

"There is a reason why Tenerife has so many workers returning year on year - this is the best place for summer work and partying."


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