Work in Lanzarote

If you don't want to spend another long, cold and raining winter then head to Lanzarote 2016 for the sand, sea, sunshine and night life that will hold no regrets.

Some working holiday packages for Lanzarote start from around £200 & includes everything you need to give you the winter of a lifetime.

The night life in Lanzarote takes place on the busy strip of Puerto del Carmen. Off the strip their is plenty of lively restaurants and many bars so there is guaranteed to always be something going on.


General Start Dates: 

May 1st - Oct 1st



  • 20 - 100 Euros per day. Every role will be different in wage.
  • Free drink, Free worker meals, Free entry to clubs, and many more amazing discounts.


  • Must be 18-30 & have an interest to work abroad


Working Holidays in Lanzarote

Step 1 The Registration Fee

  • Registration Fee 100 Euros (Approx)
  • This is to book your place and guarantee your working holiday. You can book your place online.
  • Once the fee has been received along with your registration information, we know that you are serious about working abroad and we can begin matching you with other workers and shortly after, one of our team mates will contact you with further information including a confirmation letter sent via email, please note there is limited places for each resort.

Step 2 The Accommodation Fee

  • Accommodation Fee 250/350 Euros (Approx)
  • This needs to be paid approx 8 weeks before your departure date. This guarantees you one month’s accommodation but if you want more, we can arrange this with you before you go on your working holiday.

Step 3 Flight Prices

  • Once you receive your confirmation letter you will receive the flight information by email.
  • Prices are cheaper early on in the summer and get more expensive further into the summer. Some flights are cheaper depending on what resort you choose.

Step 4 Rep Fee

  • Rep Fee 50 Euros (Approx)
  • When you arrive in the resort, here you will pay your reps a fee and in return you will receive help, advice and all his/her knowledge of the island for the duration of your stay.
  • Depending on some Hotel/Apts they will ask you for a refundable 50 Euros deposit, please note this is only in some resorts.

Here is what you will receive for the rep fee.

  • Help and advice on getting you a job in the resort.
  • Advice & knowledge of best places to eat,drink,workers bars, restaurants,supermarkets,gyms,beaches,internet cafes,laundry,how to save money, etc
  • Job list of jobs available currently in the resort.
  • Help with all legalities 
  • Help setting up bank accounts, mobile phones etc
  • Discounts in selected bars and restaurants as you are on a working holiday.
  • Safety and Security
  • Fancy dress once a week, army/school disco/beach theme/jellybeans/aqua club/toga theme.
  • To get organised nights out & Sun-kiss Bar crawls, meals out, pool parties, trips & excursions.
  • Reps on call in the event of an emergency 24/7.


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