How to Work in Bolivia

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If you are looking for a job in South America then you should consider going to work in Bolivia. This country might be less fashionable compared to nearby destinations like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru but the cost of living is also a lot less. This country also has bustling cities, a vibrant culture and spectacular sights to see in your spare time.


Best Places to Find Jobs for Foreigners in Bolivia

This is a list of the top cities where you stand a better chance of gaining employment in Peru. This is where most companies which hire international staff are based:

  • Santa Cruz
  • Cochabamba
  • La Paz
  • Sucre
  • Oruro
  • Tarija
  • Potosí
  • Sacaba
  • Montero
  • Quillacollo



Common areas which people gain employment in Bolivia include:

  • Business and finance
  • Charity and NGO
  • Education & teaching
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & tourism


Backpacker Jobs in Bolivia

Do you like the idea of travelling to South America? Or spending part of your gap year in Bolivia? There are some flexible jobs for travellers available including teaching, hotels, hostels and tourism. Large international travel companies who offer tours in Bolivia usually employ foreign staff in-country to coordinate trips.

You could also work as a trip guide, drive or chef. Various hotels and hostels in the country also offer working exchanges which can include a stipend salary. Another option is volunatry work in Bolvia which although is unpaid usually includes free meals and accommodation so it is a good way to keep costs down.


Jobs for Students & Graduates in Bolivia

There are some options for summer / temporary positions and the best option for students and graduates is to take a TEFL certification course then apply to teach English in Bolivia. This can be done over summer or for a longer period.



We highly recommend you learn Spanish - this will really help when living or seeking employment in Bolivia. This will help you to be a big advantage over non-Spanish speaking appicants. You could book a course before departing or search Spanish language course in Bolivia. If you are lacking experience you could apply to intern in Bolivia - companies offer structured placements to international students, graduates and participants and this can lead to full time employment on completion.



Wages for working in Bolivia unless employed by a foreign international company can be low. What you get paid really depends on the company/position.

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