A Guide to Studying Spanish in Bolivia

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Many students choose to book classes at language schools in Bolivia due to the cost and location. Within a day bus ride you can visit northern Argentina or southern Peru or Chile.

There is also a unique cultural diversity in Bolivia and also spectacular national parks, jungles and nature reserves, the salt flats, inca ruins, pretty towns and cities and the highest lake in the world.

One our directory you can search highly rated local language schools and book courses at the lowest possible price.


Top Places to Study in Bolivia

Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia and the most popular place in the country for internationals to learn Spanish. There are pretty streets with white buildings and colonial architecture.

Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is a very relaxed destination to learn Spanish, there is also a tropical climate and very friendly local people.

La Paz
La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia and a great place to stay and improve your Spanish language skills. This is the highest capital city in the world, which is a popular stop off point which connects the whole country. Expect a vibrant atmosphere and also lots of things to do in your spare time like volunteering programs in Bolivia which can be combined with language classes.


Top Reasons to Learn Spanish in Bolivia

Not sure if Bolivia is right for you? Here is why you should go:

  • Bolivia is one of the safest places in South America
  • Courses are very cheap
  • Cost of living is low
  • Less tourists than other countries like Argentina and Mexico
  • A lot of people say that the Bolivian accent is the easiest to understand which can make speaking and listening to people speaking Spanish easier


Types of Courses

You can find so many different classes for all language levels and abilities:

  • Intensive Spanish Courses
  • Premium Spanish Classes
  • Private Spanish Classes
  • Spanish Conversation Courses
  • DELE Preparation Courses
  • Spanish Course for Spanish Teachers
  • Intensive Business Spanish Courses


Beginners Spanish Classes in Bolivia

Intensive classes are the most popular option for learning Spanish in Bolivia. You will usually learn for around 20 hours per week (4 hours per day) with a small group. One-to-one instruction is also available for an extra price. Classes usually take place from 9:00 AM to 7.00 PM.



Choose from:

  • Host Family: One of the most popular options to stay with a local Bolivian family, half board or full board. Familes are carefully screened, friendly and you will be able to practise your Spanish all day
  • Apartments: Individual, shared or a shared room for individual use.
  • Student Residence/Family Residence: Individual or shared. Breakfast, half board or full board.
  • Private Accommodation: Apartment or room for individual use. This will cost more and please note no meals will be included.



Bolivia is a great value destination to learn Spanish, courses here are cheap compared to other countries in South America. The price for intensive Spanish or Quechua classes is usually around 50-100 Bolivianos, approximately £4-£10 ($7.00 - $14) an hour.

If you book inadvanced you will usually get a package including classes, in-country support, accommodation and materials to help improve your learning. You can usually pay in the local currency or US dollars, or in multiple currencies if you book online through one of our partner language schools.

Some schools also offer packages which include accommodation, tuition and Bolivia tours in the cost.


Discounted / Free Spanish Courses in Bolivia

Throughout the year there are ocassionaly special offers on course prices, sometimes if you book as two or three people or more you might get a 10-25% discount on the total price. Some language schools in Bolivia will also give you free Spanish language lessons (really) if you get a friend or someone else signed up. 


Help / Advice

If you need any help arranging a Spanish course in Bolivia please get in touch.


Bolivia Spanish School Reviews

If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Bolivia and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.