A Guide to Scuba Diving in Peru

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure in Peru then scuba diving will provide you with a really memorable experience.Peru is not the most well known destination to go scuba diving in South America, but this country will suprise you. There are lots of unique dive sites to choose from 


Best Places to Go Scuba Diving in Peru

  • Tumbes: Máncora, Organos and Punta Sal 
  • Piura: Talara, Islas Rocas, Bayóvar 
  • Ancash: Tortugas, Casma, Huarmey
  • Lima: Ancón, Pucusana, San Bartolo, Isla Asia
  • Callao: Islas San Lorenzo and Fronton 
  • Quilca: Lagunillas, Mendieta, Laguna Grande, Lomitas and Marcon (Ica)
  • Arequipa: Matarani


Snorkelling in Peru

Popular places to go snorkelling include la corona del diable and la gruta de los osos marinos where you can see lots of sea lions and also la roca del pinaculo which is teeming with tropical fishes and penguins.


What is it like to Dive in Peru

If you have ever been diving before, going underwater in Peru will probably be different to anything you have experienced as sites in places like Lima are cold-water diving with water temperatures usually around 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

The water us usually a dark blue, sometimes greenish and visibility can be less than other warm water destinations. Visibility is generally around 15 and 50 feet, but this really depends on the weather and conditions on the day.


Marine Life

Peru is a great country to see amazing biodiversity and marine life due to the oxygen-rich Peruvian sea. You can expect to see colourful coral reefs, lots of species of fish, mollusks and shellfish. Some operators also offer the chance to volunteer in Peru and help conservation and wildlife.


Peru Scuba Diving Reviews

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