Scuba Diving in Austria

Can you go scuba diving in Austria? Yes! Austria is a landlocked country but there are lots of spectacular lakes and rivers. You can go diving in Austria all year round, June to September are generally the most popular months as the weather, air and water temperatures are higher. There are so many different marinelife animals and fish species you will be able to see including catfish, grayling perch, pike, chub, trout, eels, whiteling and tench. One of the best things about this country is the incredible night dives available. There are dive centers located through out the country which will be able to arrange courses, trips, equipment and recommendations for the best dive sites. It is best to contact them well before your departure to get everything booked.


Scuba Diving Courses & Packages in Austria

Scuba diving Green Lake, Austria

Best Dive Sites in Austria

  • Green Lake
  • There are over 165 lakes in Salzkammergut - many are really spectacular
  • Lake Attersee in Salzkammergut has 26 dive sites and is a popular recreational dive destination
  • Lake Wolfgangsee in Salzkammergut is also highly recommended
  • Lake Achensee in Tirol is huge - covering an area of 9km
  • Hechenberg is a top dive site in Achensee




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