Pais Movement

We are an international missions organisation serving to equip the Church to advance the Kingdom the way Jesus did.

Our vision is that one day the primary mission of every Christian will be to advance the Kingdom of God and be equipped to do it the way Jesus modeled it. We are therefore missionaries making missionaries.

One way we do this is through our free apprenticeship programme. This is for young adults aged 17-30 who love God and will commit to serving with us for (minimum) one year. It includes high quality training, accommodation and meals. In addition, each apprentice has a mentor, works with a team, and is placed in a supportive church environment. 

Apprenticeships are available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Brazil, England, Northern Ireland, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and India. 

All transport, accommodation and food is provided for the year – and the apprenticeship is FREE to join!  We ask that apprentices cover all transport costs to their chosen nation (i.e. flights, visas, insurance, etc).  We also ask that apprentice raise support of around £120 per month for personal use.

Please contact us for more info and to apply!

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Pais Movement Reviews

Not just a missionary organisation, but a missionary family!

I had an amazing experience with Pais, my first year was challenging, transforming in all ways possible and there's no measure to the amount of things I learned during that time.
But more than that, what I loved most is how Pais is Kingdom oriented, how the staff is caring and supportive, Pais is one of the best organisations in terms of missionary care and support. They don't just teach you things, they empower you. They don't just show you what to do, they walk with you. They don't just push you to leave your comfort zone, but they give you the tools and support to do that in the most positive way possible. When you are part of Pais, you're not just part of an organisation, you're part of a family.

By: Elines
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 29

A life-changing experience!

I had the opportunity to volunteer for Pais last year and I can say that it is a life-changing experience! I've had the chance to grow in my relationship with God, serve the local church and community and serve the Kingdom of God!

By: Rodrigo V
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 31

Fantastic Opportunity

Pais is a fantastic opportunity to work full-time, closely with a church, for a year with children and young people. Pais gives brilliant tools to equip young people to bring the next generation a step closer to God, and to empower them to do mission. I joined at first to grow in missional living, and I have definitely done that, and grown so much more as a man of God! Wonderful opportunity, not to be missed!

By: Dean Lawson
Nationality: British
Age: 23

Discipleship at it's best!

Pais is an amazing family of believers who want to grow and learn together and change lives. I have been on Pais both as a team member and Leader for 18 months now and I am starting my 2 1/2 year (basically the 3rd) with so much excitement. I have grown so much in my personal faith, how to train and disciple others, as well as practical tools and templates that help me to live a life on a firm foundation. I am better prepared for what life throws at me and I even have a second family from around the world to do that with. What an incredible experience and way to disciple others. No other place gives you this level of on the job training, support and opportunities.

By: Tiffany
Nationality: United States
Age: 21

Great experience, lasting impact

I joined Pais in 2009 and completed 3 years full time (plus continued to help over the next 6 years because I loved it so much!). My time on Pais saw me develop in many areas: spiritual growth, character development, ministry skills and leadership, leading me to become a Youth Pastor and pioneering youth programmes for a charity, then a Kids Pastor whilst leading a mentoring and youth volunteering programme for another charity. Now I am pioneering sports ministry and teaching others how to do the same. I highly recommend The Pais Movement. I made lifelong friends from all over the world and have many fond memories.
Oh... I also found a husband!

By: Hettie Taberner
Nationality: British
Age: 27


My Gap year on Pais was the best year of my life!! It's trully a family and I've grown so much during this year it's unbelivable!!

By: Ana Carolina Virgilio
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 21

Life Changing Experience

I just finished my first year as a Pais apprentice in Northern Ireland and am about to start my second year. The past experience has grown, stretched, challenged, and taught me in ways I never could’ve imagined when first signing up! I grew in my own indepence, my confidence, my relationship with God, and my relationship building abilities with others. Not to mention what a mind-broadening experience it is to spend a year in a different country! God truly is moving through the Pais organization and is using Pais to change both apprentices - and the people impacted by the apprentices - for life!

By: Emily
Nationality: American
Age: 19

Pais Apprentice in Northern Ireland 2017-18

I enjoyed my year with Pais! Pais is a wonderful organization that teaches you how to carry the message of Jesus into the local school system. You partner with a Church for the year and have wonderful opportunities to build community and impact the city you live in. I highly recommend Pais to anyone wanting a gap year focused on taking the gospel message to young people in a school setting.

By: Benita T
Nationality: Usa
Age: 30

Awesome Challenge

Pais is an amazing organization. It helps you to challenge yourself in many levels, not just spiritually but also in your character. And something is for sure, you will grow, just like I did. Sometimes things might not seem right, but it's, cause they work with and for God.

By: Salomão Hugo
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 22

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