A Guide to Learning Spanish in Nicaragua

Study Spanish Nicaragua

Are you looking for a beautiful and authentic destination to study Spanish? You can't go wrong with Nicaragua. This country is very up and coming and offers a great alternative to more expensive destinations nearby like Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica.


Why Choose Nicaragua

  • One of the cheapest places in the world to learn Spanish in Central America
  • Low cost of courses and living
  • Exciting cities and relaxing coastal resorts
  • Lots of sights and things to do in your spare time
  • Make friends with other students from all over the world


Best Places to Study Spanish in Nicaragua

  • Granada
  • San Juan del Sur
  • León
  • Managua
  • Laguna de Apoyo
  • Matagalpa
  • El Lagortillo, in the northern province of Estelí



  • Course Start Dates: Usually Monday, every week of the year
  • Lesson Duration: Generally 50 minutes for group classes and slightly longer for private classes
  • Class Size: Average 6; Maximum 12 
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Schedule: Morning or Afternoon (Schedule determined by your school). Private lessons can be in the evening
  • Suggested Check-In: One day earlier
  • Accommodation: Share, homestays or private room/appartment
  • Cost: The price you pay usually depends on the course, school and duration. You will usually need to pay a registration fee.


Discounted / Free Spanish Lessons in Nicaragua

Discounts are applicable when classes are booked by more than one person. Some schools offer incentives live free lessons if you recommend friends or other people who sign up.


Nicaragua Spanish School Reviews

If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Nicaragua and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us.


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