Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Ask most people what city in the world would you dream of learning Spanish in and a lot will say Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city in a spectacular location along the River Plate, this is a romantic destination with culture, style, dance and attractions. 


Spanish Language Courses in Buenos Aires

Find language classes from the best Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires.

Types of Courses

Buenos Aires has a population of around 12 million people, around 1/3 of the population live here. There is so much to see and do here whilst studying here and you will get lots of free time to explore your new surroundings. If you would like to fully immerse yourself in the culture of this city, search our language courses and recommended schools today. 

Buenos Aires is one of the most popular cities to learn Spanish in South America and there are courses for all levels and interests including:

  • Intensive Group Course
  • Inmersión
  • Private/Individual classes (you will need to pay extra for this)
  • Crash course for total beginners
  • Classes + Combo e.g. dance/volunteer

Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires provide a structured experience where you can make friends and learn in a personal and professional environment. 



Most schools are located in the neighborohood of Palermo, this is a very vibrant area but there are others all around the city.


Best Spanish Language Schools in Buenos Aires


Start Dates

Most courses start every Monday, you can book in advance and join all year round.



With so many language schools and courses you have a lot of choice, some classes last a week but we recommend staying at least 2-4 weeks for the full experience and to improve your chances of learning.


What You Will Learn

Local teachers will be able to help you improve:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Grammer



You can choose between:

  • Host Family: One of the most popular options to stay with a local Argentinian family, half board or full board. Familes are carefully screened, friendly and you will be able to practise your Spanish all day
  • Shared apartment / Apartment: Individual, shared or a shared room for individual use.
  • Student Residence/Family Residence: Individual or shared. Breakfast, half board or full board.
  • Private Accommodation: Apartment or room for individual use). This will cost more and please note no meals will be included

Private Apartments are subject to availability and may include their own policies and fees, such as a deposit.



  • A one week course usually costs around US$160 - there are cheaper courses but always check feedback
  • 20 group lessons generally cost around US$200-$400 but it depends on the school and course
  • Accommodation can cost around US$140-$400 per week depending on which option you choose, shared is a lot cheaper than going private.
  • Most language schools accept payment in US dollars and other international currencies if you book online

Please note some Spanish language schools will require you to pay a registration fee, this usually includes: placements, course material, welcome pack/orientation, airport pick up, city walking tour, free wi-fi and access to computers and internet, in-country program support, 24/7 emergency contact and a course completion certificate.


Discounted / Free Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires

Throughout the year there are ocassionaly special offers on course prices. Long-term discounts are available when classes are booked with more than one person. Sometimes if you book as two or three people or more you might get a 10-25% discount on the total price. Some language schools in Buenos Aires will also give you free 1 hour Spanish language lessons if you get a friend or someone else signed up. 



  • Course Start Dates: Usually every Monday
  • Lesson Duration: Around 1 hour
  • Class Size: Average 6; Maximum 12. Uusally there are 3-9 people on courses and abilities are usually matched together
  • Minimum Age: Students need to be aged 16+
  • Schedule: Morning or Afternoon or sometimes evening


Help / Advice

If you need any help arranging a Spanish course in Buenos Aires please get in touch, you might also like to view all of our Spanish courses in Argentina.



If you have ever joined a Spanish course in Buenos Aires and would like to write about your experience, review a company or share any recommendations please contact us,


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