Useful Japanese Words & Phrases for Visiting Japan

Useful Japanese Words & Phrases for Visiting Japan

Japanese might seem like an extremely diffificult language to learn but if you have a trip to the far East on the horizon we have put together some basic words and phrases to get you started.

Whether you are planning a short break, or a longer gap year to Japan then learning at least the basic phrases is recommended and we hope our list will help. If you have an interest in picking up more than just the basics then we highly recommend booking a Japanese language course in Japan where you will get to spent time living and practising the language in country.

Or if the language barrier is putting you off visiting this magic country you might want to book a tour to Japan where you will get an experienced local guide who speaks English.

Check out our essential Japanese phrases for tourists below.


Basic Greetings

  • Hi - Konnichiwa
  • Good morning - Ohayō
  • Good night - Oyasumi



  • How are you - O genki desu ka
  • I'm fine. Thank you - Genki desu
  • Happy to meet you - Hajimemashite
  • What is your name - O-namae wa nan desu ka
  • Sorry - Gomen nasai
  • Thank you - Arigatō
  • I don't understand - Wakaranai
  • Please speak slowly - Yukkuri itte kudasai
  • Do you speak English - Eigo wa dekimasu ka?
  • Do you speak English? - Eigo o hanasemasu ka
  • I only speak a little Japanese - Watashi wa nihongo ga sukoshi shika hanasemasen
  • What is your name? - O-namae wa nan desu ka
  • My name is (Jenny) - Watashi no namae wa (Jenny) desu
  • Can you speak more slowly? - Motto yukkuri hanashite kudasai
  • Sorry - Gomen nasai



  • Yes - hai
  • No - iie
  • Where - doko?
  • How much? -ikura?
  • Ticket - kippu 
  • (domo) arigato
  • Toilet - Toire
  • Food - tabemono
  • Drink - nomimono
  • Water - o-mizu



  • 1 - Ichi
  • 2 - Ni
  • 3 - San
  • 4 - Shi
  • 5 - Go
  • 6 - Roku
  • 7 - Nana
  • 8 - Hachi
  • 9 - Kyu
  • 10 - Ju
  • 20 - Ni-ju
  • 50 - Go-ju
  • 100 - Hyaku
  • 200 - Ni-hyaku
  • 500 - Go-hyaku
  • 1,000 - Sen
  • 2,000 - Ni-sen
  • 5,000 - Go-sen
  • 10,000 - Ichi-man
  • 20,000 - Ni-man
  • 50,000 - Go-man


Days of the Week

  • Monday: Getsuyôbi
  • Tuesday: Kayôbi
  • Wednesday: Suiyôbi
  • Thursday: Mokuyôbi
  • Friday: Kinyôbi
  • Saturday: Doyôbi 
  • Sunday: Nichiyôbi



  • Leave me alone - Hottoite
  • Help me - Tasukete
  • Call the police - Keisatsu o yonde kudasai
  • Police - Kudasai


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