Popular Places to Learn French in Canada

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So you want to study French? You're possibly thinking about planning a trip to study French in France? Well, why not reconsider your plans and book a flight to Canada instead.

You'll get to discover a spectacular country which also has some of the most respected universities and language schools in the world.

Language schools in Canada provide a welcoming environment for you to learn French, you will get an experienced tuitor and also get to study with other students from all over the world. Popular places to study include:

  • Montreal
  • Québec


Types of Courses Available

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There are lessons available for all levels and abilities, so wether you are a complete beginner or already know the basics you will find a course to match your level. The following courses are the most popular:

  • Intensive (20 lessons per week)
  • Super-Intensive (25+ lessons per week)
  • Intensive + Private Lessons
  • Private Lessons one on one lessons
  • Weekend crash courses

Language schools also offer a range of organised activities including tours of Canada, cultural trips, skiing breaks and dance lessons. Places we recommend visiting include Niagra Falls, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa and the Rockies. If you are considering taking a gap year in Canada the packages available to study/travel really are recommended.


Study French in Quebec City

With it's skyline dominated by the one hundred year old Chateau Frontenac, the city of Quebec is as charming as it is French. First settled by the French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1553 Quebec later became a part of the French Colonial empire.

Some argue that Quebec is more French than France, and it's difficult to disagree. Whether your strolling down the narrow picturesque streets of the Quartier Petit-Champlain along the St. Lawrence River or eating crepes in a cafe on a brisk October morning it's difficult to imagine that you are somewhere other than Paris.

If you're looking for a European experience without the long flight Quebec is for you.


Study French in Montreal

Montreal is second largest city in Canada and is known as the country’s ‘cultural capital’ partly due to the amount of music, film and cultural events on throughout the year. Montreal has a tradition with live entertainment, famous bands like Arcade Fire were born and live here.

The old town of Montreal is very scenic, here you can see various old buildings, cobbled streets and horse-drawn carriages - it is like going back in time! There is also a large shopping area and lots of nightlife and things to keep you busy during your spare time.

If you are keen to work in Canada and want to get employment in Montreal of Quebec, knowing French will be a big advantage.



  • Start Dates: Usually every Monday, every month of the year.
  • Class Sizes: Most classes are small with a maximum of 9 students per class allowing you a focus learning experience.
  • Teachers: French language courses in Canada are led by highly qualified native French speakers, who are very experienced in teaching to international students.
  • Accommodation: Some language schools offer housing in the price of a package, or they will help you to find somewhere close to your selected language school. Options include staying with a carefully selected French speaking host family, or shared residence with other students. Private accommodation can also be booked at an extra cost.. We highly recommend choosing a local homestay with a local French-speaking Canadian host family. This is a great way to practise your language skills outside of the classroom and also immerse yourself in the Canadian culture. All families are carefully selected and have experience of hosting international students.


Canada French School Reviews

If you have ever taken a French course in Canada and would like to review your experience, a course or company please get in touch.