The Pros and Cons of Living In Canada

The Pros and Cons of Living In Canada

Have you ever thought about moving to Canada? Well, if you are, there is a lot to like. It’s one of the reasons so many people are choosing to move there. Of course, there are several drawbacks, but we have devised a list below for a clear picture of the pros and cons.



It’s a multi-cultural destination

Canada is one of those countries that is welcoming to all. It embraces all cultures and is, therefore, recognised as being immigrant-friendly. But, it isn’t a case of moving to Canada and being treated as an outsider. Instead, everyone is made to feel extremely welcome and a part of daily life.

Ice hockey is great

Ice hockey is Canada's national sport, and it is not only great to watch on TV, but heading to watch the action live is one of the best experiences you can have in the country. There is also NHL match betting online available. So the fun really never stops, especially in terms of the vast range of betting markets to choose from. There are currently seven teams from Canada competing in the National Hockey League.

The air quality is pristine

Believe it or not, Canada's air quality is right up there with the best in the world. And that’s official. But it makes sense as there is a lot of open space and mountain ranges. In addition, as everyone knows, great air quality is conducive to excellent health. So, people living in Canada are less likely to suffer from illnesses associated with air pollution.

The US is close by

The US and Canada enjoy excellent relations, so if you live in the latter, you can visit the former anytime you like. And the US has so much to offer. You could look at it like this; you can enjoy everything the US brings to the table on-demand without having to deal with the hustle and bustle. It’s why millions make the trip Stateside every year.

Free healthcare

If you live in Canada, you get free healthcare. It’s one of the reasons why some Americans choose to move to Canada: they’re tired of paying for medical insurance. So you will not be charged if you’re visiting the doctor, emergency room or having treatment. Think of the peace of mind that comes with that. And the savings you’ll make, of course.



The immigration process is tricky

You’re not going to think that immigration processes will be a walk in the park, but the whole process is kind of tricky, and in many ways, it relates to Canada being limited in how many people they can accept into the country. The figure is currently 250,000, so there is a points system in place to help determine who will get the thumbs up. View more information about working in Canada.

Streaming options can be limited

Everyone uses streaming services such as Netflix, right? But the content that you can view is going to be determined by the country you’re in and the rights that are held. So, for example, you may move from the US to Canada and find your favourite show is now unavailable. It’s more of an annoyance than anything.

Canada is cold

It’s probably something that most people around the globe are aware of, but Canada is renowned for being cold and its heavy snowfall. So depending on where you live in the country, you could be dealing with the winter for up to eight months, which is quite something.

House prices continue to rise

It’s the same in many countries, but in Canada, housing prices have been rising for a while. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down. It’s led to there being fewer affordable options, which is problematic for some. As a result, there are now more Canadians renting than ever before.

You may need to learn some basic French

In Eastern Canada, it can often be a requirement for people to know some basic French if they want to land a job. It’s certainly the case in areas such as Ottawa and Quebec. French colonists settled in the region many years ago, and there is a large French-speaking contingent.

There are pros and cons that come with living everywhere. And in Canada, it’s arguably the case of the pros outweighing any perceived drawbacks. But, as always, it will come down to the individual and what is important to them. Free healthcare and great air quality are always fantastic places to start, and there are plenty more positives that we haven’t mentioned in our list.