Learn Arabic in Morocco

Learn Arabic in Morocco

Morocco might not be strategically located in the Middle East but it is a great destinations to study Arabic. There are language schools throughout the country in places like Marakesh and Casablanca offering great value tuition all year round.


Arabic Language Courses in Morocco

Top Reasons to Study Arabic in Morocco

  • Afforable courses and low cost of living
  • Diverse bustling cities
  • Incredible beaches
  • Tourism is large part of the economy
  • Most Moroccans can understand standard Arabic, Egyptian and Lebanese dialects 


Best Language Schools in Morocco

There are several recommended language institutes including:

  • Qalam wa Lawh, Rabat
  • Arabic Language Institute, Fes
  • Subul Assalam, Fes


Popular Places to Study Arabic in Morocco

  • Rabat
  • Fes
  • Meknes
  • Tetouan


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