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One World 365 is one of the best recruitment website for backpackers and travellers seeking casual, part time and full time work in Melbourne. If you are looking to work while backpacking in Australia our directory has 100's of new jobs every month from recommended local and international recruiters in a range of different industries. Search working holiday visa, temporary, professional, fruit picking, harvest, farm work and au pair jobs which are some of the most popular positions offered on our website.



Guide to Working in Melbourne

Melbourne is a top working destination and a great city to visit, expect a relaxed atmosphere, a good transport system, lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, nightlife and more. Melbourne is very easy to get to from most places in Australia, you can fly, drive or catch a train and this is one of the most popular destinations for internationals to base themselves. In Melbourne there is a tram which runs around the main part of the city which is very easy to navigate. Melbourne has a lively outdoors lifestyle, you will see things going on day and night. There is a great choice of food and places to eat and the city gets very lively when there are sporting events on. The library in Melbourne is worth a visit if you want to relax in a stunning building and escape the noise from the city during your work break if you are working centrally. 



Working Holiday Visa Jobs in Melbourne

If you are on a first or second year working holiday visa in Australia and would like to work in Melbourne there are lots of options including:

  • Au Pair
  • Bar Jobs
  • Events & Promotions
  • Farm Work
  • Fruit Picking
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel, Hospitality & Hostels
  • IT & Technology
  • Labour & Trade
  • Office
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Sports


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